Amazing Spider-Man Gets Unlockable Comics

Unlockable extras in games are not uncommon. Usually, you get bits of concept art, or character designs. Maybe some bonus costumes or characters. Marvel and Beenox, however, have found the best way to appeal to comic fans playing Amazing Spider-Man.

As you web-sling around New York City, you'll encounter collectible comic pages on rooftops, on the sides of buildings, or floating in mid-air somewhere. As you collect pages, you'll unlock full comic books that are then readable within the game.

Beenox Studios head Dee Brown has said that the comics "look stunning on a TV."

There are 10 total comics to be unlocked, with an 11th available if you get the playable Stan Lee pre-order bonus. Most of the issues (the ones that have been revealed) are first appearances of characters that appear in the game, such as Spidey's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, or Lizard's first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #6.

You can read more about these unlockables over at the Marvel Games blog.

[Image credit to Marvel]