Grab Your Lifeline In June

Last year, small developer Undead Labs with the publishing assistance of Microsoft released State of Decay, a free roaming title that focused on survival in the northwest part of the USA during a zombie outbreak. Players would have to gather resources, build up their community numbers and morale, and live day by day as society unraveled around them.

However, at first the game was restrained by the simple fact that eventually you would run out of resources. Eventually you would have no more goals for survival, and the game for most intents and purposes would come to an end. The first DLC for the game, entitled Breakdown, opened up so many more possibilities as the difficulty overall increased with each level you went through. Now, coming this June, Lifeline puts us in the role of Greyhound One, a military unit deployed to the city of Danforth to assess the threat and aid the evacuation during the early days of the outbreak.

Featured at PAX East, Lifeline takes a very different approach from the main game and first DLC. You start out very well equipped, and over time you'll find yourself fighting tooth and nail down to the last bullet in areas far more infested with zombies than players have seen in Trumbull Valley which was the location in the main game and Breakdown. Sanya Weathers of Undead Labs announced there would be an official date revelation at PAX East, but at the moment all they have to offer is the month of June.