Bioware Employee Reviews The Witcher II

Oh Bioware, whatever next? A supposed Bioware employee has reviewed The Witcher II with a rather outrageous score.

A user on Metacritic going by the name of M_Stannard has issued a review of The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings that was released today. The review is rather negative:

CD Project releases another misogynistic jaunt into the Mary Sue world of 'the witcher.' There is hardly anything of substance to recommend this train wreck to a discerning connoisseur of RPGs. Every element of its design can be described as 'embarassingly awkward.' Animation, art direction, dialogue, writing, combat. It's a list of sad mediocrities as long as your arm. The fact of the setting and characters being a shameless copy of Michael **** classic Elric of Melniboné series aside, the game itself behaves like a confused child. Does it want to be a brawler with peripheral RPG elements? Or an action RPG with brawler combat? In either situation the designers have failed to deliver on both satisfying combat or a compelling story that ever rises above the juvenile. Look to the masters at BioWare with their latest RPG epic, Dragon Age 2, for inspiration in your future games, CD Project. You certainly won't find it making shallow sex simulators based on plagiarized fantasy novels.

Do you laugh or cry?

It has not been confirmed that this is a Bioware employee as of yet, but most are convinced that it is. Previously the user gave Dragon Age 2 a score of 10/10. The Witcher II merely gets a 0/10.

Bioware Employee Reviews The Witcher II

Obviously we would not want you to go away judging the whole of Bioware on this one disgraceful 'review', but PC gamers in particular will no doubt add this to the growing list of reasons to lose faith in the company. While Bioware and their publisher EA seem to be abandoning the developers roots and PC gamers along with them, CD Projekt (of The Witcher series) are gaining more and more popularity and faith from PC gamers.

The Witcher II was released today exclusively on PC with a DRM-free version available of - the developers' sister-site.