Mass Effect Movie: No Shepard, No Reapers

The producers of the upcoming Mass Effect movie, Legendary Pictures, have released an official summary that reveals quite a few details of the video game adaptation. Will it be the right direction to head in?

The statement was released on to IMdbPro:
"Mankind discovers ancient alien technology that enables faster than light travel. Using stored coordinates, mankind stumbles on a hostile alien race know as the Turians."
Which ones are Turians? You may ask. Well, you remember Garrus right? There's your answer.
Mass Effect Movie: No Shepard, No Reapers

From this, it is possible to gather several pieces of information. Most definitely, the movie will be set around the First Contact Wars, or Relay 314 Incident as the Turians refer to it.

Here is the lowdown from the wiki:
After discovering the Charon Relay, humans began a rapid expansion thanks to their new-found connection to the mass relay network. Hoping to expand their territory and driven by immense curiosity about the galaxy, they began activating every mass relay they could find.

However, in 2157, their actions caught the notice of the turians, who found human explorers reactivating an inactive mass relay known as Relay 314. This was forbidden under the Citadel regulations after the Rachni Wars, but instead of negotiating, the turians opened fire. One starship escaped to warn the Alliance; a retaliatory force destroyed turian vessels, and the situation quickly escalated into war.

To the turians, it was merely a police action against an ignorant species violating Council law; to humanity, it was their first encounter with another intelligent race - and it would shape their views of the galaxy for decades to follow.

Considering that the events of Mass Effect do not begin until 2187, the likely chances of Shepard making an appearance are extremely slim, if not impossible.

BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, and Project Director Casey Husdson were originally slated as executive producers, but they are not listed as such at the moment. EA are overseeing the project as producers as they have the rights to the franchise. If they have any sense the producers will leave the era of time in the games well alone, and instead further develop the lore of the Mass Effect universe.

The film is currently being penned by I Am Legend and Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich. Other notable influences are Avi Arad, who has worked on Iron Man, Spider Man and Ghost Rider.

Nevertheless, could this be the best video game adaptation yet? In my mind they are going the right way about it.