Competitive Gaming Gains Traction

The Nanyang Championships finals held on November 1st attracted teams from every corner of the world, from Brussels to Beijing, lured there by the promise of 220,000 USD and a chance to test their skills against the best of the best. And there were about 2.8 million people online who were watching the entire thing unfold. Just as some fans prefer watching football together in their friends living room, there is a similar interest in that kind of vision for fans of competitive gaming. The growing interest and audience sizes in competitive gaming has one research firm, Newzoo, projecting a global revenue of some 465 million USD by the time we reach 2017. This growing popularity has led to some rather interesting investors, such as the adult website YouPorn investing in its own team. I hope to see more from competitive gaming in the future, and maybe one day I too will be sitting in my living room watching "the game" with my friends.