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Sins of a Solar Empire

If you are looking for a game to suck away your time, look no further than Sins of a Solar Empire. The game is a fun and rewarding experience that doesnít shy away from difficulty either. While there may be a couple issues here and there with the AI behavior it is also a game that is entertaining enough to keep you occupied with it for quite some time.



While everyone and their grandmother goes around proclaiming PC gaming dead or dying its hard to believe them when games like Spore captivate not just the industry but also the general public. There were few games this year that caused the controversy, uproar and outright anticipation that Spore did. While it may not have pleased everyone it is still a massively remarkable game that redefined what a civilization game could and maybe even should be.


Left 4 Dead

When Valve sets out to do something, they set out to do it right and Left 4 Dead is one of those endeavors that clicks on all cylinders. Sure there are issues with the game, including the inclusion of only four maps, but no one can deny that Left 4 Dead gets it right on the gameplay front. If you are a fan of the zombie genre, first-person shooters or co-op games there is very little reason for not playing this game which is hands down one of the best co-op shooters to come out in years.


Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 isnít just a great first person shooter, it is also a great open world game as well. It was one of the best looking games of the year. It was one of the best playing games of year. And if it had an engaging storyline it may have well been the best game of the year but unfortunately for it, it did not leaving it to settle for second place.


Fallout 3

When you take a franchise as beloved as Fallout and tell everyone that you are going to change the game to play completely different, at least from an aesthetic standpoint, fans are going to be up in arms. Fortunately for Bethesda they not only delivered a great game but a game that Fallout fans can be proud of. Fallout 3 takes everything fans loved about the original series and gives it a modern day overhaul, with spiffy (if somewhat depressing graphics), fantastic gameplay and an amazing story making it one of the most complete packages to come out, not just this year but any year.