Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters review
Liam Edwards


Working your way up to the top

Single-player campaign

The single-player campaign is fantastic but not without fault. One major down-fall is the anti-climactic finish once you eventually win the Masters. With such a hype and long build-up to actually playing in the tournament, it is a bitter ending to what should be a momentous moment. The game doesn’t really celebrate: you win then you move on. It is a shame that there isn’t really a winning occasion.

The biggest problem of Tiger Woods 12 is a nasty one. Many criticize EA for their money-making schemes to make gamers empty their pockets. Well, this game includes one. In the single-player campaign you cannot play in some tournaments because you have to purchase the course as DLC. If you don’t purchase the course, then you miss the tournament and a chance to move up the rankings before reaching the Masters. It is a disgusting idea. The campaign is a third shorter if none of the courses are purchased.
It’s disgraceful that EA charges players extra to play a third of the single-campaign, while they already paid full price for the game itself.

Other than these two problems though, it is an enjoyable experience that really strides you to improve your play. It is a campaign that can carry on infinitely as well, with you continuing season after season. It is the best single-player campaign in a Tiger Woods game yet, even with the missing one third.

It is 2012, but it has 2011 technology!

The visuals in Tiger Woods 12 are exactly the same as last year’s edition, with courses and character models looking rather plain at times. A lot of effort has gone into making Augusta National look exactly like the real thing. EA used laser technology to scan the whole course to make sure every blade of grass and tree is exactly the same in game as in real-life. This makes Augusta National easily the best looking course in the game.

Although some holes have bland textures and irregular spectator models, many of the courses do replicate their real counterparts well. Memorable holes in golf have also been given their due, such as the 17th at TPC Sawgrass and the legendary 18th at St. Andrews. They look fantastic, and have a very special feel to them. Character models though are looking quite dated. Even Tiger himself isn’t looking much like his droopy self in this year’s edition.

Another year, another game

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters may at first seem like a-cash in on the hype of the Masters tournament, but it brings new features and great new gameplay mechanics to become one of the best in the series to date. With a good single-player brimming with content and fantastic online play, Tiger Woods 12 can last forever and still feel fresh. Although it does have some problems and has a hideous DLC catch, you can really feel the effort EA Tiburon has made with this year’s edition in the campaign mode.

Tiger Woods’ actual career may not be what it once was, but his game franchise is still going strong 12 years down the line. If you enjoy golf games you will be impressed with this year’s Tiger Woods and if you enjoy sports games and especially playing online you may also want to think about picking up this title.


fun score


Brings the Masters to life in your home, fantastic new modes and brilliant online.


Bland visuals and a disgusting DLC scam in the single-player.