Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds review
Liam Edwards


A “Marvel” of a fighter

Not Fair

Really, do I have to? Honestly? You really want me to write this review? Well that’s unfair! That means I will have to stop playing Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds for a couple of hours. I don’t like doing that. Well fine, I will tell you why - if you want to get into fighting games or if you are looking for a versus game this year – you should buy this game.

Decade of dominance

Way back when I was a very young, a cross-over fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released. Little did we know that this game would take the fighting game community by storm and dominate players’ living rooms for a decade. Marvel vs Capcom 2 (MvC2) was a frantic 3 on 3 fighter created by Capcom, it introduced hyper combos, assists and the most insane and fast paced gameplay ever seen. It dominated tournaments and events around the world, professional players such as Justin Wong and Marn grew up and made a living out of destroying people on MvC2. For 10 years it stood as one of the best fighters ever created. And now its next-gen brother is ready to step up.

No need for introductions

Marvel vs Capcom 3's story is not so great. Doctor Doom and Wesker have opened gates to both universes in a bid to take over the world and all the heroes from both universes answer the call for Earth’s help. While in this frantic fray of heroes fighting each other is going on, Galactus has appeared and wants to destroy the world himself... Not the best story in the world, and it isn’t told particularly well either. But it is a fighting game and the story is of no importance to the overall experience.

Whether you are a fighting game fan or not, Marvel vs Capcom 3 has something for you. Both fighting gamers and console gamers will have a different angle on this game. Fighting fans will care for nothing but versus mode, well balanced characters and moves, whereas regular console players will only want to be their favourite hero and do some crazy stuff against other characters in a variety of different modes.

Get by with a little help from my friends

Unfortunately, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a game that requires you to have either friends who are interested in playing or a super-fast internet connection. Versus mode is where the heart of Marvel vs Capcom 3 lies. There is nothing better than spending hours on end playing with friends. There is always going to be something different happening in every match no matter if you play 10 matches or a 100, that’s the beauty of it.

Versus mode is no more than you would expect. You pick three characters and duke it out against each other and other opponents. The fighting in Marvel vs Capcom 3 is furious, high intensity action. With players being able to execute combos that just look amazing with little effort, the only way to describe Marvel vs Capcom 3’s gameplay is that of a tennis match; it is always back and forth. Anything can happen so you have to be wary: if you get hit and then thrown into the air you may be doomed, but one slip by your opponent and it could be well and truly over for them. It is a fantastic game of wits and skill.

If you play against someone with relatively low experience with fighting games, they can choose to use so-called simple mode controls. Simple mode is about as simple as you can get: players only have to press three buttons in any order continually and the characters will pull off a fury of stylish looking combos. This really allows everyone to enjoy Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Not many modes but hours of fun

Marvel vs Capcom 3 doesn’t feature that many game modes. It has Arcade, Versus, Training and Missions plus online modes. For a fighting game fan this is plenty, as Versus provides hours of fun locally or online, Training mode lets you practise combos, Missions provide tutorials on how to learn the so-called “Bread & Butter” combos. Everything a fighting game fan would want out. However, the regular video-game fans might be a little bummed at the lack of modes that might interest them. They will look to the Arcade mode for most play-time; this is where you take your three characters on a quest to save the world and fight to stop Galactus. Not many non-fighting game players will bother with Training and Missions because they will not be interested in learning skills that they don't require in other games. This narrows down what Marvel vs Capcom 3 provides for you. The Arcade mode can become boring and repetitive, with Galactus being seemingly overpowered and difficult the first time round, but once you learn the pattern he follows, things become easy and boring.


fun score


Simple mode controls for beginners, fast and furious action.


Unplayable online mode, unbalanced characters, questionable character choices.