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Wii Fit Wii review - "It’s time to get fit" | Hooked Gamers

Wii Fit

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Wii Fit review
Professor Layton


It’s time to get fit

Up and running in... some time

Are you ready to step unto the Wii Balance Board and put your balance, strength, and flexibility to the test? If you are, get ready to engage in over 40 different activities designed to get you up and moving. Let the fitness training begin!

Unpacking Wii Fit, you will quickly notice that the Wii Balance Board is what makes the box so heavy and bulky. You will also discover that there are four Wii Balance Board foot extensions, four batteries, an operations manual describing the Wii Balance Board, and, of course, Wii Fit itself. The foot extensions are only used when you place the Wii Balance Board on thick carpets. They neatly click onto the board so that they don’t fall off when you move the board around.

After I finished assembling the board, I thought I was ready to play Wii Fit. A talking Wii Balance Board on my screen quickly proved me wrong and introduced Wii Fit to me first. It then asked me to sync the Wii Balance Board with my Wii. Sounds simple enough, right? I clicked the Wii’s sync button, expecting it to perform the synchronization but nothing happened. After referring to the operations manual, I discovered that I needed to click the sync button on the Wii Balance Board too. If it weren’t for the diagrams in the Wii Fit manual, I would probably still be looking for the sync button as it is hidden under the battery cover and tiny to boot.

The talking Wii Balance Board reappeared and asked me a few questions about my date of birth and height. I couldn’t answer without measuring my height first and couldn’t help wonder if I was ever going to get some exercise. A few measurements later, my Body Mass Index (BMI) was deemed ‘normal’ but ended up devastated with my Wii Fit Age which was estimated far too old. Gathering up my self-confidence, I set my goal: In two weeks, I hope to gain five pounds in muscle, and decrease my Wii Fit Age. Can I do it? Only time will tell!

Personal Training Plan

This long introduction was the precursor to hard training, and lots of it. The game comes with no less than 40 activities but not all of them are available from the start. I first tried out some Balance games and quickly noticed that the Wii Balance Board was not correctly interpreting my motions. Leaning left, the board thought I was leaning right. I thought it was a little bizarre until I decided to shift the board around so that the blue light was pointing away from the television. Miraculously, my conflict was fixed and I could play on.

Over the next few days, I dedicated one to two hours each day playing Balance and Aerobics games. Over the course of each day, I noticed that my BMI and weight were changing positively. I altered my focus to doing Strength training exercises and Yoga, occasionally doing some Aerobics and Balance games if time allowed.


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