The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess review


The most depth and overall enjoyment of any of the games in the Zelda franchise


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the latest instalment in the award winning Legend of Zelda franchise. After the cartoony graphical style of Wind Waker and having been accustomed to the realistic visuals of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, many fans were clamouring for a new Zelda to bring the series back to its semi-realistic looks. But above all, the fans wanted a successor to Ocarina of Time (the game frequently hailed as the greatest game of all time). A game that could take the throne as 'King of Zelda'. Nintendo answered the fans' pleas, and delivered Twilight Princess in December of 2006.


As with all games in the Zelda franchise, the story revolves around a young man named Link who is destined to save the world from the ultimate evil. Link is a young boy in his late teens doing his job herding goats in his home village named Ordon Village when his life is changed forever. When Link's friends have been kidnapped by evil Moblin marauders, he sets off to save them. Soon after he sets out on his quest, Link encounters a large shadowy door. A large hand emerges from the mysterious door and pulls Link to the other side, rendering him unconscious in the process. When Link regains consciousness, he finds himself barred in a dank prison with chains and all. But that is not all... Link finds that he has been transformed into a wolf!

This is when Link meets Midna, an imp from the Twilight Realm. Midna explains that Link was pulled into the Twilight Realm, and that this evil realm transforms whoever wanders into it, to the form that most represents them. Midna also explains that Hyrule, the land where Link ended up in, has been cast into eternal twilight. Normally, the Twilight Realm is a land completely separate from Hyrule. But the evil King of Twilight has plans to cover the entire world in twilight. Link's quest to defeat the King of Twilight and save Hyrule begins.

Twilight Princess' storyline will really draw you in, even more so than any of the previous games in the series. It is far meatier than the story of past Zelda games. Highly cinematic scenes help bring the characters to life more than ever before, and the vast amount of plot-twists keep the game interesting even when you are nearing the end of your journey. Although Twilight Princess has a relatively weak story compared to games such as Final Fantasy, the story gets the job done and it should hook even players who normally only play games for their story.

Dungeons and... Bosses...

Twilight Princess adheres to the typical Zelda formula just as much as the previous games in the series. That is, you control Link through the massive adventure, guiding him through all of the game's nine dungeons and pitting him against the servants of evil. Throughout the game, you will encounter nine dungeons. The dungeons have always been the most substantial part of any Zelda game and Twilight Princess is no different. Link will always be barred entrance to some areas in the dungeon because he lacks an item that is needed to proceed. About thirty minutes or so into each dungeon, Link will encounter a mini-boss of sorts and the prize is, you guessed it, the item needed to proceed further into the dungeon. After the player has found this item, the entire dungeon opens up and it turns into a massive exploration-filled segment.

Every single dungeon also houses a boss which grants the player an item tied to the story. This item is needed to progress the storyline itself and finish the game. To gain access to the boss' chamber, the player must search the dungeon for the Boss Key which unlocks the special lock mechanism installed onto the boss door. The bosses are the most epic enemies in Twilight Princess and probably the most exciting creatures ever encountered in a Zelda game. The player will usually find themselves up against a boss that has a particular weak-point. To exploit this weak-point, the player must use the previously gained item in the respective dungeon. Other times, the player will find that the boss can be defeated by simply repeatedly slashing it with your sword.

Traversing Hyrule

When Link isn't exploring the massive dungeons of Hyrule, he is exploring Hyrule itself. The land of Hyrule is presented in an extremely large field that takes forty-five minutes to traverse one side to another. Hyrule Field is also home to a massive number of treasures. From extra heart pieces which grant the player more life energy to Rupees which are the main currency of the game. Players will find all these treasures and more as they take the time to explore every nook and cranny of Hyrule Field. And then when players aren't exploring Hyrule Field or traversing the dungeons, they will find themselves turned into a wolf.


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