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The Conduit 2 review
Chris Capel


Redundant, yet welcome sequel

Invaders Must Die

You’ve got to admire the tenacity of developer High Voltage. Just as Nintendo is about to start ramping up the hype for its next console they bring out an FPS exclusive to Wii. More than that, it’s a sequel to their last game, The Conduit, which to be honest, no one was really asking for.

Conduit 2 continues the story of Michael Ford, his guide Prometheus, and the otherworldly gadget called the All Seeing Eye, as they attempt to stop an invasion by the alien race 'the Drudge' and the traitorous agency 'the Trust'. The Conduit’s storyline wasn’t its strong point and Conduit 2 seems to realize that as it doesn’t really bother with any sort of catching up. Instead we get a Spider-Man 2-style credits summary of the previous entry in pictures, which doesn’t really work here as I think Spider-Man’s was meant to be a refresher course rather than a full introduction.

High Voltage’s goal with Conduit 2, much like with their previous game, is to create the definitive FPS for Wii that can stand alongside the greats on other platforms. The only difference this time is that they are also setting out to correct the mistakes they made with The Conduit. In some ways, they’ve succeeded.

We Don’t Need No Stinking ‘The’

First, the important stuff… is that Duke Nukem? Why yes, Jon St. John himself has taken over duties as main character Michael Ford, which as far as names go, doesn’t beat his other role. The voice acting in Conduit 2 is passable, but no one sounds particularly excited by the alien invasion. It also has to be said that John Adams (another boring name), the main antagonist, is the worst villain I’ve ever seen. He looks like a podgy janitor who’s attending a job interview.

The story could potentially have been interesting, touching on lots of myths and legends, Assassins Creed-style, but connected as it is to The Conduit’s dull alien invasion story, it didn’t really have a chance. High Voltage probably would’ve done better starting from scratch. At least it covers a decent array of places from around the world, and gets extra bonus points for having a secret level set in my home town of Oxford. Not that we get to see much of it.

It’s rather surprising when Ford gets a suit of armour, suspiciously reminiscent of Master Chief’s, as seen on the cover. The particularly stupid thing about this is that he gets it a few levels in and absolutely nothing changes when he does. The HUD is the same, your health still takes ages to recharge and it doesn’t make you any harder to kill. It doesn’t even have a flashlight. For an advanced suit of armour, it’s pretty useless.


fun score


An enjoyable FPS, fixes the blandness of the first game, lots of cool secrets, Balloon Battle multiplayer


Pilfers almost everything from other better FPSs, short single-player story, some glitches, occasionally too dark to see anything