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Super Mario Galaxy 2


The Cuddly Space Travelling Plumber is Back

The Cuddly Space Travelling Plumber's Back

The Super Mario games will always have a special place in our hearts. Ever since the Nintendo Entertainment System helped put an end to the Videogame crash of 1983, we gamers have been looking to them to bring us more wacky colourful adventures featuring everyone's favourite overweight plumber. Many gamers were worried in the beginning of 1996 that the transition to 3D graphics with the then much anticipated launch of the Nintendo 64 would bring about the end for the loved, moustache sprouting, cap wearing Italian. The reality was equally surprising.

Super Mario 64 proved that taking an old, long standing 2D platformer and transforming it into a vivid, colourful, seemingly open world for the player to enjoy was no problem for the game developers at Nintendo. The game proved such a success that critics today still count it as one of the games that shaped 3D gaming as we see it. Scoring 9.5 and 10 across the board, the gaming community fell completely in love with Mario's first step into the world of 3D.

Take it to the Stars

Mario had conquered the world of 2D platforming and moved on to shape the way we see 3D gaming. What could Nintendo possibly do to top themselves? Cue: Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. When you have already made a game that allows players to explore an open world of platforming excellence the only thing left to do is to take the same concept to space. In Super Mario Galaxy, the player got to explore countless planets in a number of galaxies in order to collect Power Stars. The game's most notable feature was the gravitational force each celestial object had, which kept Mario safely on the surface of the object despite running on the bottom of it or along its sides. The game was a hit and like its predecessor Super Mario 64 it scored in the 9.5 to 10 areas with everyone who tried it. After selling more than 8 million copies, Nintendo would have had to be completely bonkers not to make a sequel.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the first major Mario title in 3 years. The game will apparently not have any plot connections to the previous game but will instead introduce the player to a completely new adventure. If you think that this game will just be a rehash of the same gameplay mechanics of the first game, played on levels that are based on rejects that didn't quite make the cut the first time around, you couldn't be more wrong.

That's one Cozy Hat

The game starts with a 2D introductory level, played in much the same way as the original Super Mario Bros. did on the NES. Mario is on his way to the Star Festival to enjoy the festivities with the Princess. On his way he meets a Luma. It immediately notices what a stand up guy Mario is and decides to hide under his hat. With the Luma under his hat Mario can now perform the Spin move power, which basically means that Mario is able to spin around at such speeds that the adjacent enemy is sure to feel the punch.

But onwards the journey must go. When Mario draws closer to the castle he sees a gigantic koopa kidnapping the princess. The overgrown koopa – who is of course none other than Bowser – escapes into space with the princess. Mario follows them to , yet again, save the princess.