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Another Shoot'em Up, A Bullet To Dodge For?

YASU (Yet Another Shoot-em Up)

Star Soldier R is one of the many WiiWare titles. It's a straight forward shoot-em-up, that means that it's all based on beating the high score. No campaign mode whatsoever, but it doesn't take away from a great burst of shoot-em-up fun.

Does this "3-D" make me look fat?

To start with, the graphics of this title are not "full" 3-D, they are more like 2.5-D. With some galaxy pattern in the background and rendered objects, they actually look good. Overall, the graphics cannot compete with some of the top Wii titles, but they are still good enough to leave many others into the dust. Compared to the other WiiWare titles, Star Soldier has the best graphics on WiiWare, YET...

Action! Action! Action!

Like any shoot-em-up, you destroy anything that has motion. However, there are a big number of stationary items, and amongst them you'll find bonuses and power-ups. Too bad there are only three types of bonuses. The blue power-ups are "force units" which can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes, depending on the situation you're in. The red power-ups give you more bullets to shoot, covering a larger area of effect. When you max out your area of effect, the red power ups turn into point bonuses. The third sort of items that you can shoot at are gold balls, which give you point bonuses.

Other than the power-ups, the method you choose to destroy your enemies increases your score. Destroying certain enemies in a certain position can lead to huge point bonuses. It increases your max combo (the number of enemies destroyed within a given time frame) and also gives you in-game and endgame point bonuses. The gameplay is flawless: you'll never scream at the game for your mess ups. You can also manipulate your speed at any point in time across the three different speeds, they can help you or hurt you, given the situation.

No story here, what did you expect?

The game offers three very simple game modes: a two-minute mode, a five-minute mode and a Quick Shot mode. The two-minute mode challenges you to get the highest score across one level. The five-minute mode challenges you to get the highest score across two levels. The Quick Shot mode just measures how fast you can mash the fire button in 20 seconds, but you should be careful here; it is really a thumb killer mode. Only the 2-minute and 5-minute modes count for the worldwide rankings, which really makes the Quick Shot mode a useless addition. Overall, the 2- and 5-minute modes are really fun to play. But we must really question the addition of the Quick Shot mode. The developers could really have used their time to include a more useful mode, such as a decent co-op mode. That would have been a GREAT addition.

Music to My Ears

This is not Super Mario Galaxy, don't expect some Orchestra Strings coming out of your speakers. It is a fast action game, so Techno/Industrial Beats are the way to go, making your heart pump faster. The sound effects fit the game nicely, and, surprisingly, they aren't annoying. They definitely don't distract you from the game itself.

How Many Times Can I Play This?

Star Soldier R will keep you going back for more. There is always room for a new high score holder in the world, and you'll only get your scores higher by practicing and learning the tricks to beat the system. You'll always want to improve your personal and worldwide rankings. If you are one of those people who like this sort of a challenge, the game will last you for quite a while.

New High Score!

While Star Soldier R lacks a story mode, it's a great WiiWare title that will always keep you coming back to advance in your regional and worldwide high scores. The only complains I personally have about this game are the lack of a story mode and the useless Quick Shot mode. At 800 Wii Points, this is a great WiiWare title to get for your Wii.


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