Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time

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Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time review
William Thompson


They are back...and altering history

Call your friends over...itís party time

The most recent Rabbids game strayed from the Rabbids formula, but the fifth game in the Rabbids series returns to its party game roots. And although the game style has returned, the trademark comedy of the Rabbids has never ceased. This time, in Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time, the Rabbids have secured a time machine and with it, have been altering some important events in human history, with hilarious results.

Plenty of games to play

After disrupting the course of human history (shown in the initial cut-scene), their washing machine time contraption lands in the middle of a museum. Travelling throughout the museum brings our Rabbids to their mini-games. Each of the mini games uses a different technique so that it keeps the gameplay fresh through the game. And the controls are well implemented and work extremely well. All require the use of both the Wiimote and Nunchuck combination, whilst the Hookarium room also requires the Wii MotionPlus attachment. The Bouncearium room plays much like a side-scrolling platformer, requiring your Rabbid to collect beans throughout the level. The Nunchuck controls direction whilst the Wiimote A button controls the jumping around. Itís not New Super Mario Bros, but it works well enough.

The Shootarium room is a heap of fun. As its name suggests, the Shootarium involves plenty of gunplay, using the Wiimote to aim at the screen and the B button to shoot. One game has you shooting at rocks whilst travelling in a horse-less cart. Doesnít sound that interesting, but combined with the fact that there are dynamite boxes thrown into the mix, the game can become a complete mayhem.

The Flyarium too, can be complete chaos, especially when there is the full complement of players involved. The Wiimote and Nunchuck each control one of the two wings used by the Rabbids to fly around the mini-game. So, having multiple players with arms spread like wings can mean there are times when they can get in each otherís way. It can also be hilarious to watch as other gamers soar around in front of the TV.

The Runarium room has a number fun co-op games to play. In the Runarium, players are paired together in a vein similar to three-legged racing and must complete a course before the opposition team can. Having two teams of gamers play is a blast, as the paired teams need to work together to complete the course. There are power-ups and various Ďweaponsí that can be used to get ahead of the opposition team. The final room, the Hookarium, uses the WiiMotion Plus accessory as a fishing rod. Rabbids are attached to the end of a fishing rod and are used to collect various objects. And a bit like fishing, this is probably the least interesting of the mini-games.

Hot Tub Time Machine...almost

Besides these rooms, there are a couple of other mini-games to play when roaming around the museum, that are reminiscent of other full-priced titles. There is a Guitar Hero style game that requires the Rabbids to blurt out their squeal in time with the note as it scrolls across the screen. There is also a Just Dance style game and even a Mario Kart type game. Each of these games are certainly fun to play in their own right, but are not nearly as fun as their original counterpart.

Visually, Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time continues on the cartoon formula set by the previous titles in the series. The Rabbids are well animated and it is some of their features that present much of the laughter in the game. Their expressions when blurting out their catchphrase is just priceless. The cartoon cutscenes are also well delivered, giving a hilarious account of various historically important events in time.

Indeed, there are some classic moments such as when a Rabbidís fart stench causes the Titanicís ship captain to pass out and in doing so veers the Titanic right towards an iceberg and when a Rabbid combines a cow with a fire extinguisher.

Party time for the holidays

The Rabbids are at their humorous best and there are definitely some classic moments in the game. Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time is a heap of fun, although it is better when playing with friends than by on your lonesome. Loading times take a little bit longer than I would have expected considering the mini games arenít that involved. The visuals and audio arenít overly remarkable either, but the humour and the variation in games certainly gives this title some added game time. Combined with the fact that each of the main areas use varied controls, the game just remains refreshing for an extended period. So, if youíre getting the family together this holiday season, then Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time could well be a handy addition to your games library.


fun score


Heaps of games to try, each with their own play style.


The games donít have a whole heap of depth to them.