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NASCAR Kart Racing review
Professor Layton


A surprisingly addictive and fun alternative to Mario Kart

Taking a gamble

In a few short months, Mario Kart Wii will have been on the market for almost a year. Due to its success, itís no surprise that some developers have tried to make their own clone of the game. While many of those clones have ended up pitifully, Electronic Artís has finally done it. By taking a gamble and turning the NASCAR franchise into a kart racing game, EA has succeeded in making a game that comes pretty darn close to the enjoyment of Mario Kart Wii.

Let me start off by saying that NASCAR Kart Racing borrows a lot of ideas from the Mario Kart franchise. The rocket starts at the beginning of the game are quite easily inspired by Mario Kart, as are most of the items. The red, white, and green rockets are all based off of Koopa shells. Yellow flags serve the same purpose as lightning bolts and the power-up known as ďYour Ad HereĒ displays your kartís sponsor on the screen similarly to Ink Bloopers in Mario Kart. I donít have a problem with borrowing ideas that work from other games, but a little bit of variety and innovation certainly would have helped.


Unlike Mario Kart, NASCAR Kart Racing puts a huge amount of emphasis on teamwork. You and your partner not only combine stats -such as acceleration, handling, boost, etc.- but if you and your partner drive closely together, youíll be ďIn the Zone.Ē In a nutshell, this condition temporarily allows you to charge your boost faster, which will help you tremendously. If you want to do the best you can possibly do, youíll need to take advantage of your boost.

When you and your partner have fully charged your boost, you can use a technique called the Slingshot, where you and partner can sling one another past each other in an effort to pass the other cars while conserving your boost. The mechanic works well for the most part, but for a game so focused on teamwork, I wouldíve like to seen some more techniques based around it.

When racing, if you or your partner claims the top spot, youíll get credited for the top spot, thus allowing you to progress to the next level. However, you will not be able to progress if you donít get first. I personally found this idea to be kind of annoying. For example, say you won first in every race except for one. Unless you or your partner gets first, youíll have to keep playing it over and over again until one of you finally claims the top spot.


There are twelve unique tracks in NASCAR Kart Racing, all of which bring unique ideas to the table. There are tons of jumps, hairpin turns, and plenty of shortcuts just waiting to be discovered. Though twelve tracks may not sound like a lot, their designs are great and should keep players occupied for a long period of time. If the number of tracks doesnít satisfy, maybe the number of characters will. Including unlockable characters, there are twenty-four actual Nascar drivers in total.

NASCAR Kart Racing is by no means perfect. One of my biggest faults with the game is the exclusion of an online mode. In this day and age, online play is practically essential for an online racing game, especially one as crazy as NASCAR Kart Racing. Honestly, who wouldnít want to race online against the best players in the world, trying their hardest to claim the top spot?


In case you havenít noticed by now, NASCAR Kart Racing isnít the prettiest game on the market. Though thereís widescreen support, the game looks like a Gamecube title. There really isnít much detail in the courses, but hey, Iíd take a consistent 60 frames per second over details any day.

When everything is said and done, NASCAR Kart Racing is a solid racing title thatíll appeal to any type of gamer. The game supports the same four control schemes as Mario Kart Wii and provides gamers with an enjoyable racing game. If you were a fan of Mario Kart Wiiís offline experience, you may find some enjoyment in NASCAR Kart Racing. If not, just wait a bit, because there are sure to be more racing games trying to grab their own slice of the Nintendo pie.


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