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Seek the heat!

Something New

Tucked behind all the big announcements of a new Nights game, My Sims, and Mario Galaxy, the Wii is about to release what is shaping up to be a very nice action game, the likes of which the Wii really hasn't seen yet. Heatseeker, a stylish, jet fighter action game is set for release later in April or early May this year. From what has been seen of the game so far, the Wii is about to get a good old fashioned action packed game garnered to a more adult audience than most of the titles that are out for the Wii right now.

What's on the Radar?

Heatseeker is a joint effort between Codemasters and IR Gurus, the Australian based company that some gamers will remember did some good work on Heroes of the Pacific. It is said that the game will have approximately 20 missions in total all of which are fairly lengthy and enjoyable. The game will also take place at several different locations all over the world, from the Caribbean to Antarctica.

The game has a much more serious tone than what Wii owners have been provided with thus far into the system's life, which is a good thing. The plot involves terrorist organizations and drug smuggling. The detailed mission briefings are expected to contain full voice overs. Overall the general tone of the game is much more adult and it looks positive that it will pull it off without the sometimes cheesy effect that goes with these types of games.

For those wanting to know what aircraft you get to fly, we can tell you that there are a number of choices. Favourites such as the classic F-15 are available, as well as the F-22 Raptor, the F35 Lightning II and the Russian SU-47 Berkut. Surely, there will be something there for everyone.

Intensity in Ten Cities

The speed and pace of the game's first missions looks very good. Flying at breakneck speeds you control your plane by pointing the Wiimote and directing a target across the screen which the plane then follows. This target also doubles as your aim for firing weapons. It will take a little practice to master but eventually the controls start to feel very good and work extremely well on the Wii. This control scheme is really a throw back to the good old arcade games where the idea was to shoot down everything coming at you at break neck speeds... which leads to another point about this game...

This game is not to be confused with a flying sim like some jet fighting games try to be. Though the game has a serious attitude and the planes are extremely detailed and act as they would in real life, the missions will have you fighting against a huge number of enemies that would never happen in real life. Also, when in a dogfight, you often need to get up close and personal with an enemy to finally get a missile to hit, this is a far cry from the blowing away of tiny dots miles away that often accompanies flying sims. Needless to say the game offers very intense fighting, though we can admit that the enemy AI is pretty weak in the early stages of the game that we have seen, but being less of a sim and more of an action game, this is to be expected. This would probably not suit hardcore flight-sim fans, but would certainly encourage those gamers who just want to shoot something down.

It Should Fly

Although you can only get the motion sensitive experience on the Wii, this game is also slated to come out for the PS2 and PSP in their respective forms. The range of aircraft and locations should keep gamers busy for a decent amount of time and the graphics and sound should be enough to satisfy most gamers. Anyone who is out looking for a nice, intense single person game for the Wii should definitely check Heatseeker out when it is released.