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Defend your Castle review
Professor Layton


Defending your castle has never been this fun; or has it?

Web to Ware

Defend Your Castle is a remake of the highly popular web-browser game by the same name. Though the browser based game is free to play, the WiiWare version is not. Is it worth paying for the Wii version? Should you want to spend your hard earned cash on something that you can have for free? Hopefully this review will answer that for you.

As the name suggests, Defend Your Castle focuses on defending your castle. You are up against hordes of villagers that will do anything to get inside your defenses. When they do, itís game over. In order to stop them, you must pick them up and throw them skyward, resulting in them plummeting against the hard, flat, ground Ė Splat!. It almost sounds like a reversed game of Lemmings. There are other, more creative ways of defeating enemies, erasing them with an eraser for example, but these donít come with the splat and are therefore less satisfying.

Foes, everywhere!

As the game progresses, the difficulty increases drastically. The first fifteen levels are a breeze; very few enemies appear and when they do, all you have to do is flick them into the sky and they are dead.

But then the game picks up pace. Enemies are constantly coming at you, resulting in frantic battles against an endless stream of villagers. Both skill and luck are required to win these harsh, brutal battles. Enemies range from the standard stick man type enemy, to a giant stick man figure with an enormous head. In the higher levels, enemies will move faster thus resulting in even more excruciating battles. The different types of enemies wonít all appear on the first level but will gradually be introduced to you as you advance through the game.

The number of enemies you defeat in each level determines the number of points you will obtain after the match. With these points, you can download a variety of upgrades such as a First Aid kit that will repair your castle. You can also buy archers and wizards to help you defend your walls.

Coloring book

Iím not going to lie; the graphics in Defend Your Castle are hideous. The game lacks textures as well as life. It is almost as if someone took out a coloring book, slapped on some lines and filled them in with a paint stick. Strangely enough, they do suit the game. Defend Your Castle is a very simplistic and easy to learn game. Adding complex graphics to something so basic might just take away from the overall experience. The sound in Defend Your Castle is severely lacking as well. During battles, all you will get to hear is the screams of the savage villagers trying to wreak havoc unto your castle. There isnít a lot of variety in the screams either and listening to it gets boring quickly.

You are not alone

Players who downloaded this game hoping for a great multiplayer experience may have ended up a little confused. I had the same experience and wasnít even sure how to even start a multiplayer game. It took me a while to figure this out; a simple click on the A button on your controller while in a match will do the trick. When you do, a button appears out of nowhere that will allow an additional player to join in the frenzy.

Unquestionably, multiplayer is the best thing about this game. As soon as another player joins the battle, enemies will be rampaging towards your castle in all directions. Trying to stop all of the enemies is quite a feat and working out a strategy between the two of you is the only way to survive the onslaught.


Single player in Defend Your Castle is enjoyable at first, but as time progresses, you will quickly realize that the game gets too repetitive to enjoy anymore. The game isnít entirely bug free either. It sometimes misinterprets your commands and the cursor seems to have its own will at times, randomly moving to another part of the screen than you had wished it to.

All things considered, Defend Your Castle has not lived up to my expectations. For 500 Wii Points, you will get a very basic (though easy to learn) game that is a remake of a free flash game. The graphics are simple and there isnít any background music in the game. Still, Defend Your Castle has a very enjoyable multiplayer experience that is sure to please those looking for a quick online fix. Single-player gamers will want to avoid this one.


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