Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming keyboard

Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming keyboard


Everything you need, and then some

Styling and Comfort

As someone who uses a keyboard for work as well as gaming, I do prefer a full-sized keyboard – one with a numpad for when I am entering numbers. So, from the start, the Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming Keyboard being a 75% version would have normally been a drawback. But upon testing out this device and all its functions, it has me right in its corner – it is my new favourite keyboard.

The sturdiness is apparent as soon as you remove it from the box, and once placed on a desk, it is clear that the ROG Azoth isn't going to slide around. The keyboard features a metallic top cover further enhancing the premium build quality. The keyboard also features adjustable feet that provide three lift positions, allowing gamers to select their optimal height for comfortable typing or gaming use.

Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming keyboard

Gamers will also quickly note the 2-inch OLED screen and control knob (more about these later) on the top-right of the keyboard. With the Azoth being a 75% sized device, it means that the designers have had to be somewhat creative when it came to key placement. The Function Keys still appear across the top, and the arrow keys at the bottom-right, but the INS, DEL, PgUp and PgDn seems appear in a line on the right-hand side.

The test unit came with ROG NX Linear Red Mechanical Switches which are quiet, but these can easily be switched out (pun fully intended) for other variations of ROG switches such as the Tactile Brown or the Clicky Blue if you desire a louder sounding keyboard. A DIY Switch lube kit is included in the package for those who like to customise the keys.

I must admit though, I did enjoy the Linear Red switches and the feel when typing. The silicone gasket mount and the three layers of dampening foam ensure that the keys aren't noisy, but also provide for accurate feedback. The PBT Doubleshot keycaps (which are fairly standard for any RGB keyboard) are mid height and provide for a comfortable experience.

Features and Software

A notable feature of the ROG Azoth is the multiple connectivity options. As with most wireless devices, the Azoth still comes with a charging cable. The braided cable has a type-C connection and inputs to a PC via a USB Type-A plug. But for those wanting some freedom from wires, the Azoth offers both a USB dongle option and a Bluetooth option. The USB Dongle (RF 2.4GHz) provides near-zero latency (when the RGB and OLED screen is turned off) and has a magnetised storage compartment built into the rear of the keyboard. This ensures that it would be difficult to lose when you’re taking the keyboard from one location to another.

But with the option of using a Bluetooth connection means that most PC gamers won't even require the dongle as they will simply be able to connect the keyboard with Bluetooth. The bonus of the Bluetooth connection is that is saves valuable USB ports for other devices – and from my experience, it seems that many laptops are beginning to reduce the number of ports that they contain.

Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming keyboard

The ROG Azoth uses the same ASUS software that is supplied with an ASUS ROG gaming laptop - Armoury Crate. The Armoury Crate software is extremely intuitive and as a result is simple to use, particularly if you have used any other type of macro recording software previously. The software is well-laid out so that each function (key bindings, RGB lighting, Control Knob functions and OLED display settings) is displayed clearly.

Key bindings and macro recording is a straightforward process of selecting the specific key and then allocating a pre-selected option or creating the macro and then applying to the required key. Each key can also be used to launch any application, perform mouse functions, and even open a specific website. The functionality is almost endless. As well as the in-software recording of macros, the Azoth allows on-the-fly recording as well.

The RGB Lighting section is quite detailed, allowing users to select from a range of ten preselected effects, as well as the advanced effects available by using the Aura Creator. Standard effects such as Breathing and Color Cycle exist, whilst other effect such as Reactive – which lights up a key and quickly fades after it has been pressed are pretty cool.

When I first noticed the OLED display built into the keyboard, I was wondering if it would be at all useful apart from displaying the volume as I moved the control switch up and down. But the OLED screen can be customised in several ways and with the ASUS software it is quite simple to select one of the pre-selected image files, or you can upload your own. Indeed, the Hooked Gamers logo I uploaded looks awesome. The OLED screen can also feature a range of various information. When using media, the screen can display the details of whatever tune you are listening to, it can show the current time and date or can display the remaining power and whether Caps Lock is active.

Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming keyboard

The control knob itself can serve several functions, but by default it is used for multimedia purposes. However, pushing in the control knob switches the control through lighting brightness and effects, the OLED brightness and then back to the multimedia and volume functions. And the Armoury Crate software also allows users to customise what the Control Knob does as if it was any other key on the keyboard. If you scroll through webpages, you can set the control switch to act as a scroll wheel.


Despite the lack of a numpad which I often use in my office job, the Azoth has everything that I would want from a keyboard, and in particular a gaming keyboard. It is a sturdy device that won't slide around a desk, and this sturdiness exudes to all aspects of the keyboard. I don't think I have ever felt so comfortable typing away than I have on the Azoth. The noise dampening of the multiple layers of silicone and foam also means that I can game (or type) late at night without disturbing those around me. The per-key RGB, the ability to quickly change the switches and the macro recording make this ideal for those who like to customise their set-ups. And the three modes of connectivity ensure that gamers will be able to connect however they please.

Asus ROG Azoth Wireless Gaming keyboard

In the Box

ROG Azoth Keyboard
USB Dongle
USB Extender
USB Cable
ROG Switch Opener
ROG Keycap puller
ROG Switch puller
Lube station
Lube brush
ROG NX Switches (3)
Stabilizer Mat
ROG Sticker

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