HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless headset


Budget wireless with limitations

HyperX have been major players in the gaming peripheral market for quite some time now. The latest addition to their headset line-up is the Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless, a model that is on the budget end of Wireless headsets


The Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless is a lightweight headset with plastic being the major construction material used for the frame and earcups. It does feel a little on the flimsy side but is sturdy enough for most daily activities. The headset does feature memory foam padding that, when combined with the lightweight nature of the plastic design, enables the headset to remain comfortable over lengthy game sessions. The headband contains a leather-look headrest with memory foam. When squeezed lightly, you can feel the metal headband below, but when wearing the headset, there was no discomfort.

The earcups too are lightweight, ensuring that the ears do not get extra pressure placed on them. The memory foam with the leather-look padding adds further comfort to the headset. The earcups sit nicely around the ear, helping to close off outside noise. One bonus to the earcups is their ability to swivel so that they can lay flat, which is great for portability.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless headset

The controls are all situated within the earcups. The right earcup houses the volume control dial, whilst the left earcup contains an input for the charging cable, the power switch for the wireless control. The left earcup also has a swivel mic attached. This is a permanent fixture and does stick up in the air somewhat when not in use (or muted). Although is still does feel like an antenna, it is not nearly as obtrusive as the earlier Stinger model or those in the EPOS range. Indeed, the flexible nature of the mic means that it can be shaped around the earcup so that it doesn’t stand out so much

The headset at its smallest size is comfortable enough for younger gamers without it moving around at all. And given that the headset is made from a lightweight material, it is ideal from younger gamers. The headset can then expand to fit much larger heads, although with the plastic frame, I wouldn’t want to constantly stretch the headrest.

Connectivity and Performance

This version of the Stinger comes with a USB dongle, enabling gamers to wirelessly connect to a PC (or PS5). Unfortunately, this is the only method of connecting the headset. There is no Bluetooth option, but given that is the budget model, that is to be largely expected. However, if the battery runs out, gamers will be left without a headset until they recharge the headset. It would have been nice to have a charging cable (not the one that comes with the unit, as it is only 50cm) act as a wired version, allowing users to continue while the headset charges.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless headset

As far as audio goes, the HyperX Stinger performs admirably. The base volume is loud enough to hear whispers and can be easily adjusted with the on-ear controls. There is no haptic feel on the volume dial though. But sounds come through nicely from all angles, with the headset allowing for full surround sound. This allows gamers playing teams shooters such as Fortnite to pinpoint the direction of gunfire, or to be able to hear the direction of footsteps approaching. Bass sounds aren’t overly powerful, and without any equalizer software, there is no way to adjust this. This effects the sounds of booming explosions in games or when using the headset to watch movies. The same can be said when to listening to tunes during office hours. One of my favourites, Diesel Power by The Prodigy is somewhat underwhelming without the deep bass of the intro.

The microphone, though it is the swing variety, is actually one of the standout features of the headset. When speaking, it picks up voices clearly, allowing gamers to chat with their squad in game, or chat with colleagues over Zoom or Teams without any loss of voice capture. And there is little background noise to be heard, with the microphone picking up only what is important. When chatting, a simple swing up of the microphone puts it into a mute position, with a sound beep signifying that it has occurred.

The Cloud Stinger 2 gets around 20 hours of use before requiring a recharge. Which means that you’ll likely want to charge it every other day to be certain that it won’t go flat during a gaming session or during a work chat. The wireless connectivity allows users a range of around 20m before loss of signal. For most people, that would be more than enough, as it would generally get them from one end of the house to the other.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless headset


The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless headset does several things right. It is light, comfortable and has a great microphone quality. Unfortunately, there are several features that let the headset down. Although the wireless dongle works well, it is the only connection option, and so gamers could be left out if the battery runs down in the middle of a match. With around 20 hours of use before a recharge, the headset has a reasonable timespan though. So, unless you're pulling an all-night gaming session and then heading off to work with the headset, you’ll be able to recharge it in time for your next session.

The fixed swing mic is another gripe that I have with many gaming headsets. Although the swing mic on the Cloud Stinger 2 doesn’t look like an alien antenna that other headsets have, it would look silly if you were using it to listen to some tunes on your daily commute. However, the Cloud Stinger 2 does not have that issue as it is only to be used on a PC or PS5. There is no way to use it on a mobile device, so gaming and in an office environment are the only viable uses. But having said all that, it does well with those two tasks. Chatting with colleagues is clear, as is conversing with squad mates as gunfire goes off around you. And although the plastic frame gives the headset a feeling that it is a cheaper alternative, the lightweight nature makes the Cloud Stinger 2 ideal as a wireless headset for younger gamers on a budget.

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