Corsair K70 RGB PRO OPX gaming keyboard

Corsair K70 RGB PRO OPX gaming keyboard


Something familiar about this

At first glance, the K70 PRO OPX looks identical to the recently released K70 RGB PRO…which is to be expected. And indeed, the latest edition does have much the same features of the Cherry Brown MX switch model. But how does it stack up against that and other models?

Design and features

The newest model K70 retains the exact layout of the K70 RGB PRO with a full-sized keyboard, and numpad, along with a range of other specialty keys. An aluminium frame gives the keyboard a feeling of sturdiness as you pick it up out of the box, but also adds some weight to the full-sized peripheral. Unlike the Steelseries APEX Pro Mini which sacrifices features for portability, the Corsair K70 OPX takes up some substantial real estate on your gaming desk, especially when combined with the included palm rest. The added weight and size makes the K70 OPX somewhat of an inconvenience for gamers on the go.

The magnetic palm rest does give the keyboard some added comfort when typing or indeed gaming for lengthy periods of time, as it lifts the wrist of the desk on an incline. I found it even more comfortable over extended periods when the feet of the keyboard were also raised (there are two levels of incline available). However, although the triangular pattern on the palm rest does add some nice texture and style, it does attract dust particles.

Corsair K70 RGB PRO OPX gaming keyboard

One thing that isn’t noticeable, but is the main difference to the previous K70 model is the optical switches, but upon tapping away at the keys, it soon becomes apparent. Whilst the original K70 had RGB Brown Cherry MX switches that provided for less volume than my old Cherry Blue keyboard, there was a springiness to the keys. The OPX - as its name suggests – uses optical switches which dampen the sound slightly further. The keys are still louder than my laptop keys, but do not bother those in my household nearly as much with the reduced decibel level when typing.

Along with the aluminium frame, these OPX switches add another aspect to the sturdiness of the device, with the switches guaranteed for 150 million keystrokes. Now, I can’t say that I used that many in the course of this review, but I’m sure that Corsair have completed enough rigorous testing of the switches to be confident on that statement. The keycaps themselves are the PBT double-shot variety, allowing for the RGB backlighting as well as ensuring that the letters and numbers will not fade over time

The K70 OPX has a detachable braided USB Type-C (to Type-A) cable. Being able to remove the cable for transportation is always a plus in my book, and the fact that the magnetic palm rest is quickly and easily detachable amplifies this portability without reducing comfort.

Performance and software

The K70 OPX comes with dedicated media keys as well as an aluminium roller which by default is used for volume control. However, with the use of the iCue software, this scroll-wheel can be used for several other functions, such as scrolling documents or webpages. The media keys and scroll-wheel are well positioned, allowing for quick access for those streaming videos or music.

The iCue software can be used to program macros and key assignments. And with 8mb of onboard storage, gamers can save several profiles – allowing them to customise key-bindings and macros for a range of games or office applications. Like the K70 RGB, iCue software allows backlighting on a per key basis, allowing gamers to customise to their desire. The software is easy to navigate and simple to use, and like the macro assigning, several profiles can be stored, allowing players to switch between several depending on their mood. The K70 OPX also features a Tournament switch situated next to the cable input. This sets the backlighting to a static colour and disables any macros that would normally be banned in tournament play.

Corsair K70 RGB PRO OPX gaming keyboard

I found that the optical switches were ultra-sensitive, even somewhat too sensitive at times. There were occasions that the space bar produced more than one space if I had lingered slightly too long whilst pressing the key. It did take me some getting used to, as I am normally a heavy presser, but after a while, I did come quite accustomed to the deftness required.


The Corsair K70 RGB PRO OPX keyboard is an awesome device – and one that can be used for both gaming and non-gaming functions. Office workers who use numbers in their daily routine will find it a joy to use, with the responsive nature of the OPX switches, particularly on the numpad. But with full customisation of the RGB via the iCue software, simple macro recording and key allocation, the K70 has been aimed specifically at gamers. The keyboard is one that feels like it won’t have too many issues going the distance either, with its sturdy frame and switches that last for 150 million keystrokes. If you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, then you won’t need to look past the Corsair K70 RGB PRO OPX.

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