EPOS H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

EPOS H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset


Compact and Comfortable

The Sennheiser brand is synonymous with high-end audio products, and its recently formed gaming division EPOS is following suit. The H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset is the latest device in the growing catalogue. The H3 comes in two styles, an all-black version, and a primarily white version. Our review unit was the latter.

Styling and Features

If you have used previous Sennheiser gaming headsets, the H3 will have a familiar look, but there are immediate differences that stand out. For starters, the H3 has a more compact frame, giving is a less-bulky feel than other models we have tested. The headband is completely covered in a black leather-look fabric.

The unit has a relatively compact size at its base size, allowing the headset to fit the heads of younger gamers comfortably. The lightweight nature of the H3 also allows for a comfortable fit for those with smaller heads. But for adults and those with bigger heads, the H3 expands to fit as required. A stainless-steel slider has markings that permit gamers to remember their optimal comfort zone.

EPOS H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

The earcups fit around the ears nicely, blocking out most external noise. They have a leather-look exterior that matches the headband, and fabric interior that fits comfortably against head. They also have hinges that can swivel in multiple directions, further allowing the set to be configured to the gamers head.

The headset is wired and contains two variants of the braided 2m cable. There is a combined single 3.5mm cable and another cable that has the audio and microphone separated. Each cable clips in securely to the headset and requires a decent pull to remove, meaning that it won’t accidentally fall out. The cable length allows the headset to be used in a mobile sense, being connected to a smartphone in your pocket to listen to your favourite playlist. Yes, it may not be as elegant a solution than a wireless headset on the go, but the cable grants a quality sound via the always-connected nature that can sometimes be missing in a wireless connection.

The left and right earcups house two separate features of the headset. The left earcup features a swivel microphone. When not in use, it can sit up out of the way, but can then easily be swung down when required. The ability to mute the mic by simply swinging it back up works remarkably well.

EPOS H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

The other earcup features a volume dial built into the exterior. Turning the dial clockwise increases the volume, allowing for quick control. The on-ear controls permit the headset to be controlled whether they are being used in a gaming sense or connected to a mobile device to listen to some tunes or stream some videos on the go.


Looks are great, but gamers prefer a headset that gives them an advantage in their game of choice. And the H3 performs well in most areas. As mentioned prior, although the headset is smaller than other EPOS Sennheiser gaming headsets, the ear cups still fit around the ears nicely and do a wonderful job of reducing external noise. But the speakers themselves provide for a wonderful gaming experience. The directional drivers allow gamers to pinpoint where sounds are coming from. Are those footsteps behind you? Well, with the surround sound of the EPOS H3, you’ll be able to tell exactly where they are.

The EPOS H3 is not without its downsides though. Although it has simple volume controls, the base volume is on the low side when compared with other headsets. It does mean that the volume on the PC or smartphone needs to be turned up a little higher. The same can be said for the bass tones, with booming explosions in game or in movies sounding somewhat underpowered. This is further accentuated when listening to some bass heavy tunes.

The swivel microphone does a great job of recording voices without background noises. It does not completely block out a daughter screaming at you to help with her homework whilst on a voice call with colleagues in the office, though. The voice comes through as clear, allowing the H3 to be used for those vital COVID Zoom calls as well as chatting with your squad in your game of choice.

EPOS H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset


The EPOS H3 Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset does a wonderful job. And with a more compact nature than many other models, it can fit younger gamers as well as older, experienced gamers. The comfortable earcups fit nicely around the ears blocking out external sound whilst featuring the superb performing swivel mic and the dial volume controls on alternative earcups. The lightweight frame and ample headband padding mean that the headset remains comfortable for long gaming sessions. Whilst comfort is always a bonus, the headset performs reasonably well in a gaming environment, with the speakers allowing gamers to pinpoint the direction of enemy fire and footsteps. The microphone is also clear, allowing gamers to provide quality chat with their squad members. And whilst gaming is the headset’s bread and butter, it does well in other areas, being a great option for workplace Zoom calls and for listening to music or watching videos on the go. A great all-rounder for heads of all sizes.

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