Sennheiser GSP370 Wireless Gaming headset

Sennheiser GSP370 Wireless Gaming headset


Great for PC gaming, not for portability

Sennheiser has been a name synonymous with quality audio gear, but it is not very often a brand linked to gaming. They do have several models in their suite of headsets, but only a small number of wireless gaming headsets. The GSP 370 Wireless Gaming headset is the newest kid on the block.


The Sennheiser GSP370 is a headset that probably won't win any fashion awards. It does have a nice metallic charcoal finish, but for a higher end headset, I was expecting something other than a plastic frame. It is a sturdy frame though and the adjustable headband does expand substantially so that it can fit larger heads. But at its minimal size, it is small enough to fit the smaller heads of younger gamers with comfort. I was also somewhat dismayed with the built-in microphone. Although the microphone can easily swivel out of the way, it makes the headset feel more cumbersome than it should.

The ear cups have a leather outer combined with a softer velvet/suede material that surrounds the ear. This certainly helps to prevent sweat build-up during a lengthy gaming session. The earcups contain memory foam which gives them a comfortable fit. The outside of the right ear cup houses a volume control dial, whilst the left ear cup has the swivel boom microphone attached and a small switch that enables the microphone to be muted. It also houses the wireless receiver. Despite the microphone, and the built-in controls, the headset is light and feels evenly distributed weight-wise. The padding across the headband doesn't seem like it would be all that comfortable, as there isn't all that much of it, but it was sufficient to keep the headset comfortable even after a lengthy gaming session.

And of course, being that it is a wireless headset, there are no unsightly cables to deal with. The wireless dongle plugs right into a spare USB port and after a few seconds, is right to go.

Sennheiser GSP370 Wireless Gaming headset


The Sennheiser GSP 370 does have a number of wonderful features. Probably the most appealing feature was the promise of a 100-hour battery life. I've been testing the headset for over a week now (not full-time mind you) without having to re-charge the battery, so I can attest to it lasting for over 30 hours straight out of the box. Indeed, the charging cable is still sitting in the box, wrapped up in its original cable-tie. The wireless receiver also has a decent range. I had some tunes blasting in my ears despite being about ten metres away and around walls. It was only when I was at the complete opposite end of the house that some interference began.

With the Headset being wireless, it makes sense that all the controls are located within the headset. The right ear cup volume control works superbly. With a notched dial design, adjusting the volume is a precise feature. There is a slight haptic function as the dial moves as well, so as you move the dial there is almost the feel of an internal click. The left ear houses the swivel microphone allowing for quick access. Under the ear cup is a small switch which allows for muting of the microphone. The switch also doubles as a charge indicator switch, with a colour code indicating the level of charge.

Sennheiser GSP370 Wireless Gaming headset


Audio quality is superb. Even with the on-ear-controlled volume turned down low, the output is as crisp and clear as any headset I have tested. When gaming, voices are clear and sound effects come through crisply. When playing Red Dead Redemption 2, the clip-clop of horses' hooves over various terrain is easily discernible, whilst gunshots ring out from various angles. Explosions are as destructive sounding as you'd expect them to be. Watching videos and listening to music only increased my enjoyment of the speaker performance. The deep bass of The Prodigy's Diesel Power reverberates around the ears, whilst the clang of swords during an episode of Game of Thrones rang out like I was part of the action. And all this whilst blocking out most other background noises. The GSP 370 is noise-cancelling at its finest. The ear cups surrounded my ears perfectly and sealed in the sound whilst limiting external noise. Tapping away on my mechanical keyboard was noiseless, despite being an annoyance to others in the room. Indeed, I couldn't hear their complaints until they walked up next to me and lifted one of the ear cups to voice their displeasure.

Disappointingly, the quality of the microphone was not nearly as good. Although it did seem to block out most background noise, the recording volume was reasonably poor. I tried recording with the microphone at various distances from my mouth, but no matter where I positioned it, the output came out rather faintly. I have tested far cheaper models that have provided a better-quality recording.


If you're looking for a gaming headset that allows you to sit untethered on the couch whilst you game on your PC, then the Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Gaming headset is a wonderful choice. It a comfortable headset for various head sizes, and it produces the best audio of any gaming headset I've tested. Being that the GSP370 is wireless, there is always the chance that it could run out of power at the most inopportune time, requiring users to carry the charging cable at all times. But as the headset can't be used on mobile devices, there is little chance that you'd be too far away from your PC to charge it. The only real let-down other than its limited usage (PC and PS4 only) is the microphone, both visually and performance wise.