Cooler Master Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard


With a stylish customisable look, heaps of features and simple macro recording, the Cooler Master Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard has it all.

When gaming on a PC, the keyboard and mouse are the primary controllers. The team at Cooler Master - best known for their PC cooling components - have released the Cooler Master Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard into the market in order to fulfill the keyboard portion of the equation.


The MECH, as it is known, is part of the Aluminum Gaming Series range of gaming peripherals, a range which includes a gaming headset and a gaming mouse (all sold separately). The main feature of all of the devices in the Aluminum Gaming Series is the use customisable metallic covers which can easily be removed and then painted or decorated in however way you please. As with the Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset we reviewed two weeks ago, removing the cover plate is simple. For the keyboard, this can be done by unscrewing a number of small hex screws.

The other feature of the design is a carry handle. The keyboard is somewhat heavy, but the handle on the left side of the keyboard makes it easy to transport. It does make the keyboard a bit larger than a standard keyboard though, with dimensions of 553mm (length) x 267mm (width) x 43mm (height). The handle and the parts of the keyboard frame that are not metallic have a matte black finish. Combined with the aluminum plate, the keyboard is quite stylish. It isn't just a simple rectangular shape either but features stylish angular lines. An in-built wrist rest completes the design and gives the MECH a comfortable feel.


Along with the stylish design, the MECH comes with a range of great features. The thick USB cable looks and feels durable and, at 1.5 metres in length, allows you to sit some distance from your screen. The keyboard doubles as a multimedia centre with headphone and microphone jacks, 2 x USB 3.0 ports and a micro USB port.

Cooler Master Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard

Being a mechanical keyboard, the keys require a tad extra pressure than my laptop keys, but the accuracy and responsiveness is apparent. The mechanical switches does mean that the keyboard is somewhat loud when using it as a typing device, which is probably not the best when you're trying to put the little ones to bed. Which reminds me, the keyboard works marvelously at night due to the white LED back-lighting which can be adjusted for brightness depending on your needs.

The keyboard layout is standard, with function keys running across the top. Five macro keys run down the left side of the keyboard. These macro keys are fine, but who wants just five macros? That is why (with the use of the downloadable software) the MECH allows for up to 75 macros within 5 different profiles, so you'll have room for each of your favourite titles. The macros are fairly simple to program and switching between profiles is seamless. The precision of the keystrokes means that gaming really does feel somewhat smoother.


The Cooler Master Storm MECH Gaming Keyboard has all the functionality required for gaming, from the huge number of programmable macros, the ability to add other gaming peripherals via the ports, and the ability to game in the dark with the LED backlighting. The large keyboard does look great and the carry handle is a nice touch for portability. Actually, it probably needs the handle because it is quite heavy, weighing in at just under 1.7kg. And being on the large side, it may not suit those with a small desk or gaming area. But otherwise, it does all that is required of it, looks great and would certainly be a worthwhile gaming accessory.

Score: 8/10