Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset

Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset


Sturdy, classy looking, great audio quality.

Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset

If you're like me, you probably associate the Cooler Master brand with PC hardware components such as power supplies, desktop cases and cooling fans. More recently, they have also branched out into gaming peripherals such as mice, keyboards and - on topic today - gaming headsets. The right headset can be important for gamers as it can enhance the sense of immersion within their favourite games and improve communications in multiplayer games.


The CM Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset is part of the Aluminum Gaming Series, so named after the use of an aluminum finish for each item carrying the name. The metallic finish is somewhat bland, but what makes this headset interesting is that each ear piece can be removed and then customised in any way you like. It is a great way to stand out on a lan-party or for e-sports aficionados to display their allegiances.

The plates are simple to remove and can be painted to complement your team colours, while the remainder of the headset has a mat black finish. Between the padded ear muffs and the external finishing sits a white LED backlight. It is almost a shame that this cool looking set, which really stands out in dark environments, is only ever seen by other people and not by its wearer.

Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset

The Pulse-R ships with a detachable microphone, allowing users to add or remove it depending on the function required for the headset and does not bother you when you're simply trying to listen to your favourite tunes. Perhaps more importantly, the sound recording quality is top notch, with very little distortion coming through.

The extra long braided cable measures over 2 metres - a perfect length for those who game a distance from their PCs - and is also detachable. It has three jacks - one for sound, one for the microphone and a USB interface to power the lighting. Along the cable, volume controls and a switch to turn on the voice control can be found as well.

Comfort and Quality

The Pulse-R Gaming headset comes with soft leather look cushioned ear pieces and a cushioned head rest, making the headset comfortably situated over the ears. It has a rather sturdy appearance but that sturdiness comes at a price: after a few hours the weight of the headset begins to make its presence felt and I began to feel some discomfort around the top part of my ears. Having said that, I do wear glasses, which does add a little more pressure to the grip of the headset on my head.

The sound quality is excellent and the booming bass tones are a particular highlight. Whilst playing GRID Autosport, the rev of the engines and the screeching of the tires came through with wonderful clarity as did the bass-heavy background tunes. Other games were equally impressive. The ear pieces certainly allow for much better outside noise cancellation then my current set of ear-buds. Indeed, at one point my wife came and tapped me on the shoulder and said that she'd been calling me from another room and I can honestly say that I hadn't heard her, despite not having the audio very loud at all. Music and movies come through with clarity, proving the Pulse-R is a handy all-rounder.


Score: 8/10

The Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset has a sturdy feel, a classy look with the aluminum and black finish and offers great sound quality. I appreciated the extra long cable and allows for far more freedom than regular gear - you can sit back and play from a distance in comfort. The LEDs on the ear pieces look cool but I can't help but feel they are somewhat obsolete as vou can't see the lights yourself. The sound quality is more than adequate in almost any role. Whether playing your latest game or listening to your favourite music, the sound is crisp, warm and clear.

All in all, it is a handy all-rounder that is definitely worth considering as your next gaming headset.


Driver.......................42mm driver
Frequency Response..20Hz-20KHz
Impedance................50 ohms;
Connector.................3.5mm headphone jack
Cable Length.............3m Removable Cable

Pick-up Pattern...........Omni-Directional
Frequency Response...100 Hz – 10000 Hz
Sensitivity..................-42 ± 3dB (0dB = 1V/pa.1KHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio...60dB or more
Removable Mic............Volume control and Mic mute