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Sonic Generations


The prickly hero returns!

Sonic Turns 20

Our favorite blue hedgehog is celebrating 20 years of greatness and continues to give fans more chances to destroy all of Dr. Eggmanís creative robots. Sonic the Hedgehog was released on June 23, 1991 and has been one of gamingís biggest icons ever since. Who doesnít know the famous song from the first level Green Hill Zone or Sonicsí friends Tails and Knuckles. This year, Sega is releasing Sonic Generations, a game where you play both as classic Sonic, and modern Sonic.

Blast off with Sonic speed

Like in all games, something is disturbing the peace in the world. Could it be Dr. Eggman? Itís unclear who the enemy is but something mysterious is creating time holes and it brings Sonic and the gang back in time. From there, you meet up with the younger version of Sonic (the chubby classic Sonic) and many other familiar old characters. Team up together, and defeat whoever is causing this disturbance.
You can only play as the two Sonics, but other characters will make cameos and become part of the story in one way or another. Producer Takashi Iizuka mentioned that each level will feel familiar to previous games and share many similar features. Since youíre going back in time, it only makes sense that you visit places you have been to before, right? Similarly, the title of Sonic Generations is well chosen, since players will visit every era in Sonicís history such as the Sega Genesis era and the Dreamcast Era. Itís also said that there will be bosses from the older games such as Metal Sonic.

While playing as the classic Sonic, you are able to do everything he was able to do back in the older games. Gain speed by running, speed dashing, speed shoes, and shields. Everything you remember in the Genesis versions like drowning. But you canít do what Sonic does in the more recent games such as the homing attack and sliding. Not strange when you consider Classic Sonicís levels are all in the 2D perspective and at the end of these levels, you either run past a sign or fight a 2D boss and free some animals. Despite being 2D, the levels are very detailed and the PS3 and 360 versions are offered in 3D so better dig up your glasses!

The modern Sonicís levels are even faster than that found in the classic gameplay and the camera moves to a point behind him. Here, the boost meter from Sonic Colors makes a return, allowing Sonic to run for a long time at a really fast speed. When activated, Sonic can kill enemies by running through them which can be quite a rush. Out of boost meter juice? Simply fill it up again by collecting rings and killing enemies.

For the old fans, for the new fans

Sonic Generations will be available for the 3DS, sporting some additional features not found in any of the other versions. There are two exclusive environments that include tracks for both Sonics, along with unlockable stages unique to the 3DS version. And of course Street Pass can also be used to unlock material and obtain new content.

Taking the classic Sonic in the Green Hill Zone for a spin showed just how much of an upgrade the game has been given, graphics wise but also in the sound department. Playing the chubby original Sonic with the scrolling screen was fantastic fun and felt very much like the original game, but somehow different at the same time too. The world feels bigger and more vibrant.

Sonic Generations will release for the PS3, 360, and the 3DS. Unfortunately for some of you, it will not release on the Wii, most likely because its graphics cannot keep up with that of HD consoles. Sonic fans will undoubtedly pick up Sonic Generations, but if youíre not already a Sonic fan, the game may prove to be the reason for you to become one.