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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise


Mature rating expected

Fumble And Recovery

When Goichi Suda, one of the deliciously demented Japanese game designers, released his baby No More Heroes for Wii in 2007, many owners of Playstation 3 looked at their machines and cursed at the mad genius for releasing his game on the rival system. The over-the-top nerd story of Travis Touchdown had that special flavor that gaming crowd loved, but many couldn’t try it.

Well, may the peasants rejoice, because No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, an enhanced port of the original game, is coming to Playstation 3. Though the game already came out in Japan last April, it will finally grace the American and European market in 2011 with its colorful madness. You have to thank the hard working people at feelplus, a smaller Japanese company, for porting Travis Touchdown to PS3.


For those unfamiliar with the story of No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown is an Otaku, a guy whose life revolves around animes, pro-wrestling and nerdy stuff in general. After winning a “beam katana” (let’s not fool ourselves fellow nerds, this is a light saber), Travis Touchdown runs out of money to buy video games and other Otaku supplies. As any other reasonably insane man would do, he accepts a job to kill a man named Helter Skelter, ranked 11th by the United Assassins Association.

Once Travis has finished the job, he finds that he has committed to this lifestyle whether he wants to or not. If he doesn’t, other aspiring assassins will target him so they can advance in rank. Now the only way for Travis is up, if he wants to live. He has to take down the top 10 Assassins of the UAA.

Suda51’s Goodie Bag

While Paradise largely leaves the original gameplay intact, there are a few new features sure to spice things up. Japanese Voice Overs (a must for the fellow Otakus playing the game) and the “Very Sweet” mode where the ladies of the game will wear “attractive” clothes are sure to stand out.

Changes were brought to the Dark Side Mode charges for your Beam Katana. Players will be able to stock up to three of them; in the original game, they were automatically activated. This will change the strategical approach to the game. Battles will be more carefully planned, rewarding a gamer who wishes to use his brain rather than mash buttons.

For the purists who want to relive the integral experience of No More Heroes and happen to own a PS3, the game will feature full support of the Playstation Move, unlike in the Japanese version that came out last year.

Your Mom Hates Suda51

As you might have already figured out, if you are a fan of crass and immature (read: FUN) games, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise had already suffered censorship. Not everybody thinks of Suda51 as a comedy genius, especially not the concerned parents of the ESRB. In the land of the rising sun, the game is rated “Z” or Adults-Only if you prefer. Expect a Mature rating in North America as well.

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously at all, but it is aiming at older gamers with a pronounced nostalgia for the eighties. In a sense, it is a game with a very narrow target demographic. But the colorful and bold Travis Touchdown will attract the younger gamers and therefore, controversy. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise will react to a wider audience in 2011.