Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings


Indy returns this year, teaming up with Lara?


I have good news, bad news and (potentially) great news, which do you want first? Alright, the good news... A new Indiana Jones video game will be coming to the XBOX 360, and PS3 in a while. This game shows excellent promise to be a big next generation hit. So what is the bad news then? Well, a few things. Firstly, the game does not have a release date as of yet, simply TBA 2007 is all we have at this point. Furthermore, Lucas Arts is keeping quiet on what we can expect from the story aside from a few minor tidbits. But, at this point, you may be asking what this potential great news is that I mentioned. Well, from what HAS been seen of the game's technology, it could be the first next generation game to make that huge bold leap and give players a whole new way to experience games.

Mysterious beginnings

Before opening the can of beans and getting everyone all jazzed up on the technology, it is a good idea to point out what we know so far. It has been confirmed that the game will take place in 1939 and will be an adventure spanning the globe in an effort by Indy to find some sort of biblical relic. Using a little deductive logic can help narrow down what this relic could possibly be. By using our knowledge of the first and third Indiana Jones stories there are really only a few biblical objects that could be at the center of an action game... (The Spear of Destiny comes to mind). It's also been confirmed that the game will tie in with the new Indiana Jones movie in some form or another but what that may be is also a mystery. The game will surely include all of the things we have come to expect from this franchise, the fighting, the chasing, whips, artifacts, clues, damsels and some entertaining sidekicks. Although little is known about the actual story at this point, the main thing to get excited about with this game is the technology it will be using.

Sweet euphoria

Everyone knows from the Star Wars movies that Lucas Arts is a big supporter of new technologies. This game will have for the first time, both Lucas Arts and Industrial Light and Magic under the same roof. They have been using a new artificial intelligence engine they call Euphoria from NaturalMotion. This technology seems to have the ability to change the way games can be played. Demonstrations of the game have shown several enemies closing in to attack Indy and a good old brawl breaks out between the men.

This on its own is nothing new to the gaming world. However, after a few minutes of fighting you begin to notice the differences to what has been seen in other games before this: each time an attacker comes in to hit Indy, they move a different way, and each time Indy punches their lights out they fall down in a different way and get up again in a different way. There are no scripted sequences or pre-planned attack and fall animations. What this creates is a very different game every time you play it as you can never know how an enemy is going to react once the fight begins.