Zombies on a Plane

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Zombies on a Plane review
Ben Petchey


Youíre tearing me apart, Lisa.

So bad it's good?

Zombies on a Plane is absolutely terrible. The game is nowhere near finished enough to be flung onto shelves. The gameplay is buggy, thereís only a couple of maps, and it gets boring pretty quick Ė you canít even change the language in the menus. But no matter how much bad stuff I see, I canít help but enjoy myself.

The best way to describe Zombies on a Plane would be to compare it to one of those movies which you know is objectively awful, but you canít help but enjoy it anyway. Take The Room for example. Itís a terrible film, to the extent that you actually kind of enjoy it.

When playing Zombies on a Plane youíll immediately notice the assets used were not created with the intent of creating a wave-based, zombie-killing-shit-show on a plane. Unfortunately, itís all too frequent nowadays that a developer will buy a bunch of assets online, throw them together, release a game, and call it a day. But again with the "being so bad, itís good" thing Ė it still kinda works here. I mean, sure, it makes zero sense that one second youíll be shooting a hell-hound, and the next second a bloke sporting a Tartan shirt is running at you with a chainsaw. None of it makes sense, but somehow itís a lot of fun.

There are a few game modes (I donít know their names, I could only play the game in Portuguese), my favourite sets you on top of the airplane with hordes of zombies pouring out of the interior. The zombies will start heading towards a random crucial part of the airplane and will start destroying it. Itís up to you to stop this from happening, and repair the parts if necessary. That doesnít sound so bad does it? Itís actually not. The gun-play sucks and thereís no artistic cohesion, but if you were to say that this game mode is boring, you would be a liar.

The others include: fighting it out inside the plane Ė this is by far my least favourite due to getting stuck on just about everything you could possibly imagine. ďDefend the cockpitĒ is pretty self-explanatory, and in another mode you have to try and survive 10 waves of zombies.

Nope, just bad

Now, Iím not going to ignore all the problem Zombies on a Plane has Ė there are a lot. The first being that you are unable to change the language in the menus Ė thatís a pretty big oversight. The gameplay could do with a lot of improvement; gun-play is poor and isn't fun, the mishmash of creatures doesnít make any sense and gameplay generally feels like thereís been no fine-tuning whatsoever.

Youíve probably noticed at this point that Iím referring to Zombies on a Plane as though itís an early access a game, but itís not. And this is really disappointing. Remember Dead Island? Much like Zombies on a Plane, it was an objectively terrible game, but it was a lot of mindless fun and I spent countless hours playing it. Zombies on a Plane couldíve been the next Dead Island Ė and I mean that is the most positive way possible. If only longer amounts of time had been spent on fine-tuning the gameplay, if only the assets had been created for the game specifically, if only the game was still in early access. If only. If the developers had fine-tuned the gameplay and gun-play, worked on new assets, and added a co-op mode, Zombies on a Plane could have been a brilliant bad game.

Really disappointing

For a reasonable price, I sure as heck would have picked this game up. Iím always looking for a mindless shooter or a ridiculously bad game to poke fun at and have a laugh with friend about. But unfortunately, Zombies on a Plane is a ďfinishedĒ game - thereís little chance that any significant changes will be made now, and thatís really sad. If this game were still in early access, I wouldnít hesitate to recommend it. But with the state itís in now as a ďfinishedĒ product, I canít say itís worth your time, or your money.


fun score


Mindless shooting fun


Buggy, poor gunplay, no artistic cohesions, gets boring quick