World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King


WoW expands, hot from Blizz-Con

Something Wicked This Way Comes (cntd.)

Details are hazy at best, but it appears that becoming a Death Knight does not mean that your character will be changed or altered in any way. So the quest will not change your Warlock into a plate wearing Death Knight. Instead, you are granted the ability to create a brand new character as the Death knight class. Even the fact of starting a brand new character as a Death knight isn’t what it seems however. The Death Knight starts its life at an advanced level. Though the Blizzard dev team would not give a definite answer on what level exactly, it has been stressed that you will not be a level 1 Death Knight starting in Elwynn Forest. In fact, the dev team put more emphasis on possibly starting around the level 50 mark just as a ball park figure. As a side note however, they did hint towards a mount specifically tailored for the Death Knight class.


What is known thus far about the Death Knight Hero class is that it will be a plate wearing Tank/DPS class specializing in Dual Wielding and Two-Handed Weapons. The Death Knight's abilities will focus on being able to tank effectively without the protection of a shield and the use of any specific Death Knight magic. Its spells are split into three schools, Ice, Unholy and Blood. Unlike the spell casters currently in the game, Death knights will not have a mana pool. Instead they use a Runeblade feature.

This allows the Death Knight to carve a set number of runes onto his weapon which he can expend to cast a spell of the corresponding school type. As an example, if the Death Knight chooses to carve two Blood Runes, Two unholy Runes and Two Ice runes into his weapon, he will have two Blood spells, two Ice spells and Two Unholy spells at his disposal during combat. The runes can be changed around to better suit the situation that the player finds himself in. After use, the runes go into a cool down state and will become available again after a certain amount of time.

The Death Knight will be available to both Horde and Alliance players and Blizzard stressed that -despite the name- the Death Knight is not restricted to any single faction or race. Yes, sadly, the world of Azeroth will now be exposed to the maniacal madness of the concept of a Gnomish Death Knight. NPCs are not likely to receive the Death Knights with open arms and warm feelings, but will still identify the character as a member of its own faction.

Currently there is no set date of release. When asked for an estimated release date, Blizzard issued the long standing answer of, "It will be released when it’s done". For now, let us continue our adventures in Azeroth and sit in anticipation of the coming Wrath of the Lich King. As more information and details of the newest features become available, we will certainly keep you posted.