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Unstoppable Gorg review
William Thompson


Mars Attacks!

Im going to destroy the Earth, it obstructs my view of Venus

Ugh!...Another Tower Defence game. Well, thats what I was thinking when we were greeted with the review code for Unstoppable Gorg. But, Im never one to admonish a developers choice of genre, and Im always happy to see what new feature or gimmick a game brings to the genre. And surely there is something that would separate this from other Tower Defence games.

Futuremark Games have definitely done that with Unstoppable Gorg. In fact, the game has a number of aspects that differentiate it. The first is the use of the B-grade style sci-fi movie theme. Its back to the 1950s with the story and cut scenes. The flying saucers with strings attached, the hilarious costumes made with old gas masks and motorcycle helmets, and the old spinning newspaper news headlines certainly give Unstoppable Gorg the perfect ambiance. Combined with the wonderful audio, the game is perfectly set. The news-reel commentary gives the retro feel further enhancement and the music gives a dramatic tone with the gripping trumpet and drum scores.

There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

Unstoppable Gorg comes complete with three game modes. The main mode - the Story mode - gradually gets more difficult as the game progresses. New alien spacecraft are introduced with each new mission. But for your benefit, the earths scientists gradually produce new forms of defences and satellites with which you can prevent the aliens from destroying your bases. The first few chapters are certainly quite simple, but serve as an introduction to the game and the controls.

On each of the 21 chapters, gamers are tasked with defending Earth from the ever increasing hordes of space creatures. Early on, gamers only have a small number of defensive satellites to choose from as well as a Research satellite (which enables defensive upgrades) and a Money generator satellite (which enables more defensive satellites to be used). As you progress, the new defensive satellites are added to the mix to help combat the variations of enemy waves. And each of the satellites can be upgraded a number of times so that they are either more powerful or work faster.


fun score


Great use of the B-grade Sci-fi movie theme


Another tower defence game