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Unnamed VR review
Henry Stockdale


Avoid At All Costs

Mansion Shenanigans

Sandbox games have always been a popular genre in gaming. Giving players the ability to modify, create and destroy the environment around them with no set objective or story, they tend to draw in both the creatively minded and those with destructive intent alike. Set within a large mansion, Unnamed VR aims to provide a mini-game based experience but itís a poorly executed attempt that leaves a lot to be desired.
Released back in November 2019 by Paracosma Inc across all major headsets, itís far from the first sandbox game weíve seen in virtual reality, Universe Sandbox and Boneworks perhaps being the most acclaimed examples. Unnamed VR is sandbox only, offering no story option at all and features a set of rooms, some of which just feature regular interactive objects and others containing sporting minigames.

A Mixed Set of Minigames

There are a dozen minigames available here, which range from painting (Both with brushes and spray cans), a zip line circuit, bouldering, trampolines, table tennis, music room, playroom, shooting range, archery, and a basketball hoop. Unfortunately, it doesnít keep track of scores for games like archery or darts, which is a shame as this couldíve provided a competitive gameplay element and leaves it feeling rather bland.
Between its minigames though, theyíre a mixed bag. There are numerous issues with in-game physics, as your starting room often throws your position out of place for just picking up an item, basketballs feel too heavily weighted when attempting to throw them and the table tennis room lets you just walk through the table but the bat remains affected by it. Items will sometimes drop even if you havenít let go of your grip too, which becomes frustrating.

Slow And Unsteady

Thereís no online multiplayer here either, itís singleplayer only. Which is a shame as a lot of games would strongly benefit from multiplayer functionality. Unnamed VR also suffers from numerous tracking issues with its arrows in archery, often wondering far from your bow and the trampoline cannot be accessed without climbing up a tower first in the middle of the room and feels cumbersome. You canít run across the mansion or mini-game rooms either, making for slow movement.

There are some positives though, as Dart throwing work quite smoothly, its painting rooms prove a lot of fun and the shooting range shows potential with its different weapons. But these donít outweigh the rest of the game, as its limited scope just leaves you wanting more. The whole experience feels more like a group of tech demos cobbled together, lacking any real purpose.

Leave This Mansion Alone

Thereís not a lot else I can say about Unnamed VR. It feels more like a quick attempt to make money than a serious game, evidenced by the fact its website was taken down weeks after it launched and no community updates have been provided since. Thereís a clear lack of care from Paracosma, putting together a group of loosely related tech demos into a singular package. Avoid at all costs, itís not worth your time and certainly not worth your money.


fun score


Painting games are fun.


Feels like a set of tech demos rather than a cohesive game. Issues with controls and tracking. Everything feels lazy.