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Henry Stockdale


A Short Story

A Short Story

It's uncommon to see typing utilised as a gameplay mechanic. From previous horror games such as The Typing of the Dead on Sega Dreamcast to more educational titles like Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure on Nintendo DS, we now come across Type Knight, a 2D side-scroller from developer Chaikadev. Focusing on a warrior’s journey to defeat the undead, it’s a fun experience but finishes as soon as it starts.

Type to Survive

Set within a graveyard, the goal is to defeat each wave of undead monsters, with a variety of enemies to challenge. You’ll need to defeat them by typing the white word above them, with the letter count increasing as you proceed but if you fail to do this before they reach you, you’ll be attacked until your health is depleted. You’ll earn points for each defeated enemy and the game also provides a combo system, multiplying your score when you defeat the undead in quick succession.

This also provides a high score focus, which adds to the replay value of the game and you can also choose from one of three difficulties: Spelling Squire, Calligraphy Cavalier and Palindrome Paladin. These gradually increase the difficulty of the game, providing bigger words to type from the start and a larger number of enemies to defeat. Skeletons are your most common enemy, who move slowly but come in larger numbers, whereas bats are quick but have shorter words.

After defeating several waves of monsters, you’ll be granted a shield that can block ranged attacks from ghosts and bosses, achieved by typing red words that appear above you. As you defeat each wave, you’ll find treasure chests that provide health potions or gold, which adds to your score. These waves are also broken up by narrated screens, acting as the only form of plot within the game.

Choose Your Adventure

Chaikadev have also provided a custom game option, allowing you to choose the text that appears onscreen within the fights. It’s a fun feature and provides some much needed replay value, with the core gameplay proving to be challenging but fun. The biggest problem however is that once you’ve gone through the main mode, additional content is non-existent. It’s easier to forgive when considering the low price but Type Knight does little to draw you back in outside of custom mode. The presentation is also light on detail, utilizing a 2D pixel art style backed by dynamic weather effects and an original, atmospheric soundtrack. It’s a simple approach that works but it’s an area that requires further polish.

Not a lot to write home about

There isn’t much to say with Type Knight, as the game simply doesn’t have much on offer. What Chaikadev have offered is a short but sweet adventure; one where you’ll need to be quick with a keyboard to survive and it proves entertaining with custom mode. With its low price, it’s hard to go wrong if you’re looking for a quick fix but it’s not an experience that’ll keep you coming back.


fun score


Enjoyable gameplay, Custom games provide great replay value, Cheap cost


Barebones content, Repetitive gameplay