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The Escapists review
Matt Porter


It would be a crime to not check this out

Prison break

The Shawshank Redemption was right, you know: escaping from prison is hard. I know because I spent a couple of days trying to escape from several of them. The Escapists is a game from Mouldy Toof Studios (in reality, just one man, Chris Davis), and published by Team 17. Itís a prison break game, but there are no set paths to follow; itís a complete sandbox. You start in a cell, and then however you escape is up to you.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do so, and each of the six prisons in the game has separate tactics which you can employ. Center Perks is, as you might expect if youíve ever visited Center Parcs in England, more like a holiday resort than a prison. The prisoners get nice meals, and they even get their own TV in their rooms. However, thereís nothing like the sweet taste of freedom. Itís the easiest prison to escape from, but that doesnít mean itís a walk in the Perk... Parc... park.

Itís advisable to play the tutorial first, but it doesnít help you out a great deal, and is one of the few weaknesses of the game. It teaches you a basic way of escaping, but everything is super simplified compared to what the actual game is like. Vents are already open for you when in reality theyíd take time to open with fashioned utensils. You donít really get a sense of how the trading and mission systems work, you donít learn much about prison jobs, or much about your stamina and suspicion meter.

In at the deep end

What this means is that youíre very much thrown in at the deep end, and it will take a lot of experimentation before you start to work things out. Itís very much like Minecraft in this way: itís easy to be lost under the sheer weight of everything you can do at the start. And, much like with Minecraft, I would highly advise playing with the Wiki open. Crafting is largely intuitive, but itís knowing what you can do, not how you do it, thatís the roadblock.

For example, of course filing a plastic comb against a wall into a point fashions a makeshift shiv, but I wouldnít have thought to have tried that without reading it first. The fact that you can craft things outside of the crafting menu was just something I didnít expect. However, once you do figure out all of your possibilities, there is a whole world of escape artistry to explore.

A simple escape method would be to knock out the guard who has the key, take it, and run out the front door. But guards are tough, and you arenít, so youíll probably have to bulk up in the gym a bit first. Or befriend one of your fellow inmates and get him to fight by your side. Or do some jobs to get some money in order to buy a weapon or some hidden armour off one of the sellers. Of course, tactics like this wonít fly in the higher security prisons. Thatís where you need to get more creative.

Getting creative

Using a plastic spoon smuggled out of the canteen, you might start digging a tunnel. Guards will notice holes though, so youíll have to get a poster or something to cover it up. Obviously a plastic spoon isnít going to make much of a dent either, so maybe youíll have to create something better for the job. Maybe you could get a prison job in the Metal Shop and sneak out a bit of metal. Combine it with a tool handle and some duct tape and youíve got yourself a handy shovel.

But, not any old inmate knows how to do this. In order to unlock more crafting options, youíll need to smarten up a bit. Read a book or browse the Internet in your free time and youíll start to gain some more knowledge. Being smarter than the average criminal will also prove to the warden that youíre able to take on more lucrative jobs, earning you more money and more importantly, access to better items.


Itís remarkable how in depth and intricate things can get. Especially when you form some wrong first impressions by looking at the game. The art style is super simple, it has a retro style, with characters running in place even when theyíre not moving. You might be forgiven for thinking this is a basic game that you can complete in a couple of hours. However, it is definitely not, and it becomes blindingly obvious just how fiendish the difficulty can be in the harder prisons. Security cameras watch your every move and your margins for error become smaller and smaller.

I could go on about the various systems and how they all link together, but it will be much more exciting to try them out for yourself. With six prisons, ten prison jobs, plenty of NPCs to interact with and over a hundred items to discover and craft, there really is a lot of stuff going on for a very reasonable price. If youíre not afraid of a little experimentation, then it would be a crime to not check out The Escapists.


fun score


Remarkable depth, a great deal of gameplay options


Tutorial could be stronger