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Tango Fiesta review
Carston Anderson


The 80ís are back on PC

From Ghostbusters to Robocop

This is the third game that Iíve had the pleasure of reviewing for Hooked Gamers and of the three I can say with the utmost confidence that this is by far the most fun. In terms of plot, gameplay and aesthetics it is just an all around fun game and if you donít agree with me then you are wrong. Now, this does not mean it is the most fun game out there and there certainly are other games offering the same thing this game offers for free, but we are not talking about those other games. Weíre here to talk about Tango Fiesta.

Tango Fiesta is a top-down co-op shooter that 1-4 people can play, released by Spilt Milk Studios. The plot is that you, John Strong, are the worldís least-known-most-dangerous man and you (or one of your friends) are uncovering the truth behind every action flick from the 80ís. Because of the nature of the plot you can bet that the tongue is firmly planted in the cheek here. One level is you defining the future of law enforcement in a rust ridden Detroit and in the next level you have to focus on not crossing the streams while you hunt for ghosts. The very first level has you hunting for the President of the United Stateís daughter in what is very obviously supposed to be a parody of cold-war era Cuba.

John Strong is your narrator as well as a playable character and there is a small cast of others that you can take through this hilarious game from the yesteryears. There is Miller, the slightly scary Australian man with a nice jacket and an even nicer sawn-off shotgun and then we have Bionic Cop, who could be either a man or a robot or neither.

Unnecessary multiplayer

But this is where the game makes its first real mistake: the game has a multiplayer feature but it doesnít need one. It does perfectly well without it. While I understand why most games these days feel obligated to have some kind of multiplayer feature I feel like Tango Fiesta stands strongly enough on its own two pixilated feet that it doesnít need to do the whole look at me! I let you play with your friends! kind of lure. It felt like a bit of a turn off, especially seeing as how I couldnít really get into a game. What they should have done is add a scoreboard to compare your score with those of others.

Strong writing

But the gameís strongest point is the writing. It is just superb and perfectly works with the other elements present in the game. It is so utterly unapologetic about what itís doing that you canít help but find it just a little bit enjoyable. I took the time to pick some of my favorite quotes from the first level for your amusement and think Iíll leave the review on that note.

The time for talk is over. Itís action oíclock.

I was a-hankering to bring a spankering.

I was ready for this fight, brother.


fun score


Fully embraces what it is and doesn't try to be anything else, Funny and enjoyable writing, Just enough fun to keep you entertained


Just barely enough fun to keep you entertained, Multiplayer is dead (but I don't think we can fully blame the creators for this), Despite the procedurally generated map it feels a little repetitive.