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Star Trek (2013)


Second star to the right...

Beam me up, Scotty

When the movie Star Trek rebooted in 2009, it followed James T. Kirk and Spock on the USS Enterprise battling the villain Nero who endangered the Federation of Planets. Usually when video game adaptations of movies come out, they’re done quickly and do not receive very positive reviews. However, the movie Star Trek received a lot of good feedback from critics and had many nominations including a Grammy Award. With this success, the anticipated sequel is already on its way and will hit theatres on May 17, 2013. The Star Trek game will take place in between the first movie and second movie which is also expected to release in 2013. This sounds like a promising year for Trekkies.

The game, which is simply titled Star Trek, is in development by Digital Extremes who assisted in Bioshock for the PS3. Working with several support staff such as Star Trek director JJ Abrams, God of War writer Marianne Kramczk and Bad Robot Productions, they hope to deliver another great way to tell the story. By having connections to the first film, Digital Extremes was able to use information and details from JJ Abrams Star Trek. Paramount contributed by in a big way by giving as much detailed information as possible, such as ship design and other details. Since it’s a bridge between movies, it’s expected that the actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will lend their voices.

We have them just where they want us

Star Trek is a third-person co-op shooter game featuring the two main characters Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. You’ll be able to drop-in and drop out, as well as play online or split-screen. Play with an AI Kirk or Spock, or play with a buddy. Both have different playing styles such as Kirk using his strength and Spock relying on stealth. So whichever character you choose to play as, you’ll have a different experience since their special attacks and various abilities are very different. Kirk’s phaser can be set to kill for example, while Spock’s phaser can be set to a paralyzing mode called “Stasis,” which is useful when you need to find cover.

The story begins with the two protagonists on their way to yet another planet and once they returned, they find that some of the crew is missing. The Enterprise, which you will experience in all its glory, in case you missed the movie, is in a lockout mode and with the help of your tricorder, a device in Star Trek used to scan and analyze data, you will start to unravel the mystery. Spock uses his tricorder to scan the deceased red shirts to find that their cause of death was from a lethal toxin. Thus, the battle begins when they are trapped by alien invaders. Those tricorders will continue to play a significant in the game, as players are able to put puzzles together and gain access to different parts of the ship.

Each of the character’s interaction with the environment will depend on who you’re playing as, allowing for a great variety in responses to different situations. Kirk will be more forward, while Spock will approach a situation with his Vulcan mind set in place since the developers believe in “staying true to the characters.”

Second star to the right...and straight on 'til morning

According to the creative director, Sheldon Carter, this will not be just one of those third-person shooters where you simply run and kill everyone. It’s not just cover shooting either. There’s seeking out different alien worlds and discovering technology. You’ll be able to visit alien caverns and some Federation outposts. “We’re not going to do anything that we feel jeopardizes the franchise,” said Steve Sinclair from Digital Extremes. We won’t be seeing anything out of the ordinary in the Star Trek universe, but the familiar elements.

But Star Trek is sure to please all fans, especially after today’s revelation of the villains that Kirk and Spock will be battling: the legendary lizard-like race known in Trek lore as the Gorn. Coming out on the PS3 360 and PC, expect 2013 to be the year of the Trekkies.