Specnaz: Project Wolf

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Specnaz: Project Wolf


This one has some unique points that might warrant a closer look

Just a little too little, too late?

I went into Specnaz: Project Wolf with quite literally NO knowledge of this game. But that doesn't mean anything in this business. Plenty of games will slip by the radar and surface to surprise you. Plenty of times, I have seen a game that no one has ever heard of become blockbusters or cult hits. So I go into all games with an open mind, even games that don't look too promising.

Specnaz: Project Wolf is a military game consisting of tactical based combat. This is much like the type of gameplay that we have all come to expect from Tom Clancy titles like 'Rainbow Six'. You have a squad of men under your command and you must complete a given mission within the parameters established. What sets Specnaz: Project Wolf apart from other games is the wolf. To be more precise a military wolf that is under your command. You can use your wolf for a variety of things, though its main use is reconnaissance and surveying. You can even give your wolf some weapons to use! Naturally, you can't give the wolf a machine gun, but it can be equipped with either an antitank mine and four grenades or four anti infantry mines and two grenades, and so on. The wolf will be used in at least 60% of your missions and is a vital companion to you and your team.

With the 'Wolf' part covered, you are likely wondering about the 'Specnaz' part. The Specnaz was a group of Russian soldiers, similar to the British Special Air Service (SAS) or the United States Delta Force. In other words they were Russia's top agents back in the days of the Cold War. Russians are often portrayed as the 'bad guys' in a lot of war games so it is interesting to see the switch. The plot of Specnaz: Project Wolf is simple: An old military base was raided and The Specnaz are assigned to retrieve the stolen Nuclear weapons.

Open ended

The missions in this game are very open ended. You may complete them any way you wish. This can offer a lot of replay value to the hardcore gamer. To get a perfect score on a mission, you might want to go back and replay the mission to fix something that you may have done wrong before. You can rely on your team and give them (and your wolf) orders to be more stealthy and take down the enemy by surprise or you can just charge right in. It is completely up to you. Specnaz: Project Wolf will give you a meaty 5 campaigns totaling 31 missions with various mission objectives. One mission might be to take down an important man, another mission may have you sneak in and take some important documents while a third mission has you escort people to safety using a public bus. As you can see, there is quite a bit of variety.