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Returning to Packmore

Let's move out

I have only moved house a couple of times, and I am sure that most people will agree that it is an experience you would rather not have to do on a regular basis. Sure, it is a great way to reduce clutter, throwing items out that you don't want to move to your new abode. But packing things away gently so that they don’t break during transportation, and then moving boxes and other items into a truck like a game of Tetris so that everything fits, can be quite stressful. However, in Moving Out 2 - a game based on furniture removal - there is no such stress, as players attempt to complete jobs in the quickest time possible with little regard for the items they’re moving.

For those that haven't played the original Moving Out, players take the role of furniture removalists known as F.A.R.T.s (or Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technicians) in a fun couch co-op game for up to four players. Three years after the release, Moving Out 2 makes an epic comeback with new graphics, characters and adventure whilst still retaining all the fun and humour of the co-op game that made moving furniture an entertaining experience.

Players begin selecting from a range of characters to act as their in-game avatar. As was the case with Moving Out, a range of male and female and gender neutral characters, animal characters and even characters with a toaster as a head are available to select, but Moving Out 2 goes one step further in its inclusivity. If you're a gamer with a disability, then being able to attach a wheelchair to any of your characters would be an added attraction. Wheelchair bound players aren't affected in any way though, as they can climb stairs and pick up furniture just like able-bodied characters.

After selecting each of your avatars, the game begins with a simple tutorial, showing players the basic controls that players will require to play the game. Moving through a series of rooms, players are assigned several tasks which explain the controls. Some of these controls have been tweaked from the original title with different buttons controlling aspects of the furniture removal, but for the most part they have retained the simple and effective control scheme that ensures players of all ages can have fun together.

There are several new features built into the sequel. One futuristic looking level has a robot helper that assists teams to carry objects to the transport, and also has a machine that flings objects to a specific location. This requires a certain level of timing, and it can often be a case of deciding whether it is just quicker to manually move the items by hand rather than attempting to use the machine. Having these sorts of options means that there is no fixed solution and players are free to get the job done however they see fit - as long as they complete it in the desired time frame.

Having said that, each of the locations has several secondary missions and these will have some stringent parameters for completion. In most instances, these secondary requirements won't be known to the gamers until after they've completed their first successful run on a level. Some goals, such as not breaking any windows, or only using one particular route through a house can be quite tough on some of the levels. As well as the star rating for each level, these secondary goals certainly add an additional layer to the replayability.

Moving Out 2 comes with a whole new set of animations for the characters as well as some lovely new graphics for each of the locations. These locations each have various themes and along with the different tasks and challenges that are added as players or teams progress, give the game a sense of freshness. Indeed, the visuals have developed quite a lot since the original Moving Out but they still retain the fun cartoon style.

Taking a break

As well as the usual task of moving furniture of various types, Moving Out 2 provides gamers with new challenges, adventures and features that when unlocked, will allow gamers to take a break from the not-so-arduous task of moving furniture. One of the new challenges involves shooting giant gumballs into a hoop using a slingshot. Tasks such as this require a level of co-operation, as one person (or more) needs to load the ball whilst the other players pull back the slingshot. It does give the game a bit of a change from the usual loading of furniture into the truck.

Right from the outset, Moving Out 2 shows its humorous side - indeed the F.A.R.T name for the removalists is childish but funny. At the start of each level the dialogue between the player’s characters and the boss also causes a chuckle or two, and I must admit that I even laughed the first time that one of the characters farted when they were straining to move a heavy object by themselves. I actually thought it may have been one of my co-op partners, but then we both heard it again soon after.

At your service

Moving Out 2 doesn't take anything too seriously, and that is part of the reason why the game is so fun to play. It is a game that allows players to determine the solution to each location in a variety of ways. It is fun to play on your own, but Moving Out 2 is definitely more fun with a group of friends or family, as you attempt to reach each of the star ratings and secondary goals. With simple controls, enjoyable gameplay, a dash of humour, and bright cartoon style visuals, Moving Out 2 is a great follow up to the original.

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fun score


Colourful visuals, loads of variety


If you’ve played the original, the new controls may take a bit to get used to