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Krater review
William Thompson


Crawling though the Krat

Death will set you free

Post apocalyptic worlds are nothing new to RPGs. But a post apocalyptic world that is situated around a lush fertile crater that was formerly somewhere in Sweden is definitely a new setting. In the top-down isometric Krater, players are tasked with controlling a squad of free-diggers as they explore and scavenge the harsh realm surrounding the crater before heading deep into the crater itself. As is the case with most RPGs, the main thrusts of the game include exploring the landscape, receiving and completing quests, combating evil creatures and crafting objects to make the combat more efficient.

The squad is initially made up of three characters, each from a different class; the Bruiser, the Regulator and the Medikus. As you progress through the game the Slayer class is added. Each has their own strengths and can be customized in the five character stats of Strength, Focus, Intelligence, Stamina and Defiance. Also, each is only able to carry one sort of weapon. For example, the Bruiser class can only carry melee type weapons. Changing the weapons to ones that you’ve looted is fairly easy.

Implants and Boosters

Apart from weapons, there are a number of other things you can collect from deceased creatures. There are the usual items used in crafting, but also from time to time, your characters will come across items known as Implants and Boosters. Implant slots open up each time a character levels up and the implant can then be permanently attached to the character, increasing their stats. Boosters on the other hand open up at each alternate level and help to customize the characters abilities. Boosters can also be bought from vendors or crafted.

Crafting items and Boosters is fairly simple, even for someone who doesn't play a heap of RPGs. Just walk up to the numerous Crafting tables (there is one situated in most of the towns) and as long as you have the blueprint for the item you want to craft as well as the ingredients, its just a matter of selecting them and clicking the Craft option. Often, finding the right items can be more of a hassle than the crafting itself.

Plenty of Loot

But, like all RPGs, the bulk of the game surrounds battling and looting. Combat is fast paced and most battles won't last more than a couple of minutes. With the right combination of your squad, each will perform his duty admirably to take down the opposing forces. The Bruiser works well in close, handing out close quarter punishment while having the ability to take the brunt of the enemy thrusts, the Regulator unit is a ranged class attacking from a distance, the Slayer is great at handing out some high damage but can be a little on the brittle side, whilst the Medikus units heals whichever units require healing. When working as a team, most battles are fairly straightforward, especially early on. But as you progress through the villages surrounding the crater your squad will come up against tougher foes, some that can inflict sufficient damage to injure party members.


fun score


Gameplay is simple to pick up. Combat is fast paced. Knockdown and injury system is a nice feature


Characters have low level caps, meaning you won’t spend much time with each character before changing to a new one.