Endless Space 2- Celestial Worlds and Harmonic Memories

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Endless Space 2- Celestial Worlds and Harmonic Memories review
Sean Martin


Singin’ the songs of the Endless


Space 4x players have had a good couple years since release of Stellaris and Endless Space 2, as both Amplitude and Paradox have continued pumping out content for both games and reshaping them — such as Stellaris’ game-changing updates which have altered both influence expansion, and more recently, economy, alongside the release of new DLC Megacorp. Over this course of new content, both games have become more focused, defining what kind of space 4x they are — Stellaris has become about adaptability, allowing for customization and a universe/narrative that fits whatever faction the player creates. But Endless Space 2 is much the opposite, focusing more on unique narratives and faction back-stories, creating a bespoke universe which players can experience through the eyes of a specific race.

Continuing along these lines, Amplitude has brought us their new DLC, Celestial Worlds, a new central quest-line which can be experienced with any of the Endless Space 2 races. It runs alongside your main races quest and explores the mysterious academy and heroes with a little more depth, highlighting their agency and independence. It might seem like a small addition, but the quest has 14 chapters with multiple endings and specific decisions for specific races. Celestial Worlds also adds 2 new unique planets and a number of new empire improvements and weapon modules.


Harmonic Memories on the other hand, is a DLC that adds 9 remaster of songs from Endless Space to the campaign, with new musicians and instruments. Anyone who has played Endless Space 2 can attest to the wonderful soundtrack and race-specific scores created by FlybyNo, and this new dose of music adds a touch of freshness to the campaign. 4x’ don’t often get new musical content, but I can actually see the sense, as when you are potentially playing for 100s of hours, the same music can get a bit boring. It also made me realize how distinctive and different the musical themes of both the first and the second game are.

While not drastic pieces of content, for their price, Celestial Worlds and Harmonic Memories add a valuable boost of replayability, the best friend of any strategy player. I would especially recommend both DLCs for any player who has yet to play one of the Endless Space 2 races, as the new quest-line, music, unique planets and improvements add a slightly richer campaign experience on the whole.


fun score


Nice little boost of content, offers slightly richer campaign experience, new music as DLC is an excellent idea for a 4x.


Not the most drastic pieces of content, adds new content, but no new mechanics.