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Not your average RPG

Not Your Average RPG

These days, RPG developers have to try harder than ever to deliver a truly groundbreaking experience that manages to engage gamers; taking queues from other big-name RPG’s while also retaining enough original material to keep the genre feeling fresh. With Dungeon Gate, developer Wild Games Studios is hoping to meet that high expectation, ensconcing players in an original open-world setting and testing the traditional conventions of gameplay and combat.

What Was Once Yours Is Now Mine....

The main selling point behind Dungeon Gate is the player’s ability to drain and duplicate the DNA of any NPC they meet, be it a mighty ogre, a terrifying lich, or a simple chicken. The game is set in the world of Barrilian, a world besieged by dragons and other monsters and ruled by a vicious tyrant who is using his iron-clad rule over the populace to increase his own magical power.

Players step into the role of a young man named Dysan who, as mentioned earlier, possesses the unique ability to steal and copy the DNA of any creature he meets. Shape-shifting into different forms gives Dysan access to a variety of different attacks and spells and he can use these abilities not only in combat but also in puzzle-solving as well. Wild Games Studios also hints that shape-shifting into certain forms could drastically alter how the game’s story plays out but sadly they are keeping the exact details close to the vest for now.

The Right Tools For The Job

While Wild Games isn’t sharing any details regarding gameplay, they are more than happy to let fans peruse some of the abilities they will be able to wield in Dungeon Gate. The game will contain a wide variety of abilities, ranging from basic attacks and spells such as “blade throw”, “axe stomp”, “confuse”, and “drain”, to more advanced-sounding abilities such as “earthquake”, “death storm”, and “blood wave.”

It is not quite clear yet which abilities will be associated with which shape-shifting forms, but considering the game features various enemies that Dysan will encounter, it isn’t too hard to imagine certain abilities being matched up with certain creatures.

Shifting Perspectives, A Solid Base

Despite the lack of concrete details, Dungeon Gate is already shaping up to be a unique and original title that will deliver an action-packed adventure utilizing unique combat and puzzle-solving mechanics. While the idea of shape-shifting into various creatures isn’t exactly a new RPG concept, having the game’s core elements based in such a premise certainly is and it will be interesting to see how Wild Games Studios’ final product turns out this September.