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Demigod review
Blackened Beans


RTS that brings a ton of fun and new ideas to the table

Breath of fresh air

The Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre is filled to the brim with war and fantasy games that, while typically fun, fail to bring anything new to the genre. That is what makes Demigod such a breath of fresh air. It is a strictly multiplayer RTS that brings a ton of fun and inventive new ideas to the table. And when I say strictly multiplayer, I don’t mean multiplayer only.

There is a single player mode that allows you to play a single mission, and a tournament mode in which you fight in several battles simultaneously. These both boast multiplayer-esque gameplay. There is Slaughter, which is basically Deathmatch with a much cooler name, and then there is a mode in which you must destroy the enemies’ Citadel. There is also a mode in which you capture flags, but it plays much differently from traditional Capture the Flag games. It is disappointing no campaign is here as the whole back story is an interesting one. The single-player is really just for practice more than anything.

The game certainly isn’t bursting with content, but there is enough here to keep you occupied until more extra content comes. There are 8 Demigods (all of which play differently), 8 arenas, and achievements, which are unlocked by performing seemingly impossible tasks. The Demigods range from large man-castles to humanoid archers. Larger Demigods are more powerful, but are only effective in close combat and move slowly, while the smaller ones, such as the archer, are weaker, but faster, with more varied attack types. 8 Demigods is more than enough, and you will want to experiment and discover which one best suits your playing style.


The arenas are nicely varied, but depending on how many Demigods are fighting, it can feel either too large or too small. This is hardly a problem, though, as games are highly customizable, giving you the option to remove the fog of battle, and therefore allowing you to see your surroundings. In fact, one of the game’s best features its customizability. You can change the speed of your income, the starting money, how effective grunts are, and tons of other interesting things. Just about everything is changeable, which is obviously awesome.

The gameplay in Demigod is relatively simple, and also quite deep. There is no tutorial, which is a shame, but you should be able to pick it up quickly thanks to the simple interface. Your basic goal depends on the game mode, though all modes will require that you upgrade your Demigod, summon grunts, buy items, and of course, kill the enemies. Buying items can be done from your shop, which sells potions to regenerate health, mana, or both, as well as items that increase your speed, damage, and ability to dodge. You can also buy special abilities to use on your enemies that do things such as stun them, make them weaker, or make them slower. You can upgrade your Demigod’s abilities to make him stronger, and along the way unlock new independent abilities. This might sound complicated, but it is actually an easy and intuitive system.


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