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Deadpool will have his way

New Dog in the House.

Although one of Marvel Comics’ newer characters, Deadpool is a fan favourite, especially among Internet communities. It was only a matter of time before a game featuring the mouthy anti-hero was developed and that is exactly what High Moon Studios is doing. The developers say that Deadpool himself burst into the studio one day and demanded that they make him a game. Since then he has been personally overseeing development, and the game is due for release this summer.

It will be a third person action game in which you will, of course, control Deadpool, a disfigured mercenary who is known for his rude sense of humour and fourth wall breaking pop culture references. For instance, in the menus he will be seen tapping the screen and inquiring as to whether the player has any attractive women around. In game he will revel in over the top violence and comment on your playstyle, as well as acting as a tutorial by telling you to do things like “press A to jump”. It all sounds very dumb, but that is exactly what characterises Deadpool.

Colourful Cast.

Former Deadpool comic writer, Daniel Way, is on board for the story (Deadpool insisted), which is ridiculous in typical fashion for the character. Early on, Deadpool accepts an assassination mission. His target is a corrupt media mogul who creates horrific television shows which terrorise celebrities. Further along the way, Mister Sinister, who fans will be more accustomed to seeing in an X-Men setting, will get involved. He is attempting to gather mutant DNA for use in his armies and must be stopped. The game will feature cameos from several other Marvel characters, such as Domino and Wolverine, who will be voiced by John DiMaggio, best known for his work as Bender from Futurama and Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. Deadpool himself will be voiced by the ubiquitous Nolan North, which is almost a referential joke in itself.

Sticks and Stones.

The gameplay will be familiar to people who have played third person superhero games before, although there are some unique mechanics. The majority of combat will feature Deadpool’s swords and guns, as is to be expected, but other weapons will be made available along the way. Exaggerated violence will be seen throughout the game, with dismemberment resulting from slashing attacks. This is not limited to enemies however, as Deadpool will also suffer severe injuries. Thanks to his super regenerative abilities, he will be able to regrow limbs, or simply pick them up to reattach them, much like the protagonist in Neverdead. I am sure Deadpool will make sure his game is more critically acclaimed than that one though.

Now you see me. Now you don't.

It is likely that the character’s ability to teleport will play some role in the stealth aspect of the game. Killing an enemy without him noticing you will cause the camera to close in and give you the full gory spectacle. Meanwhile you will probably be hearing the internal struggles between the multiple voices Deadpool hears in his head, as they converse a lot during the game.The developers are not holding back on Deadpool’s trademark style, which is something fans will be very pleased about. Some people may find the whole thing too crass, but this is certainly not a game the easily offended should be paying any attention to. There is a definite target audience for this game, and High Moon Studios are sticking to it.

Not for Everyone.

You will know just from seeing the name of the game whether you want to play it or not. Deadpool splits opinion, and will continue to do so. His game might not be a revolutionary masterpiece, but it is doubtful that art is the aim. This will be a game about violence, crude remarks and referential comedy, and whether that appeals to you or not, Deadpool will not care.