Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Rebirth of Popularity

Back when it was first released way back in August 1999, few could have predicted the massive critical acclaim that the original Counter Strike, a competitive shooter Half Life mod, would garner in such a short amount of time. It quickly became the most played PC game in the world mere weeks after its initial debut and since then has seen a number of re-releases and ports for both PC and consoles.

Now Valve is aiming to make thunder strike twice with the upcoming release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive; a rebooted and modernized version of the original Counter Strike featuring new modes, maps, weapons, and characters. Global Offensive will also feature integrated leaderboards and smart matchmaking, updated versions of classic modes and maps, and other new and updated features. The game is being co-developed by both Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, the developer that brought gamers Counter Strike: Source back in 2004. Move support has been integrated into the PS3 version of the game.

New Modes of Warfare

Global Offensive's initial launch will come with four different game modes; Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue, which fans of past Counter Strike games should recognize immediately, and two new modes: Arms Race and Demolition which will collectively be called "Arsenal Mode."

Arms Race will task players with earning kills using a pre-determined set of weapons, the catch is that each player will only start out with one weapon and must "unlock" the remaining weapons by scoring kills with the previously unlocked weapons. The first player to earn at least one kill with ever weapon in the set wins the game.

Demolition removes the normal weapon and equipment purchasing menus and instead forces skilled players to think on their feet as each kill earned rewards them with progressively weaker weapons. Both modes are based off the popular "gungame" mod for Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source and the new twists they offer on the standard Counter Strike formula should make for some very interesting matches.

New Toys

In addition to the normal fare of assault rifles, pistols, sub-machine guns, and shotguns, Global Offensive will be sporting some newer armaments such as the Decoy Grenade; a sneaky little explosive that, when dropped, will mimic the firing sounds of whatever gun you happen to be holding and will display a false ping on your opponent's radar.

Other fun toys such as the Zeus x27 Taser Gun, a one-shot one-kill close range stun gun, and the Molotov Cocktail, an incendiary bomb capable of laying down a blanket of damaging flames, should make Global Offensive's matches some of the most tense and action-packed in the series' history.

Birth of a Reboot

Interestingly enough, the original idea for Global Offensive started out as a port for Counter Strike: Source to the Xbox 360. However, soon after development began, both Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment saw the opportunity to create an entirely new entry in the Counter Strike series and thus Global Offensive was born. Both developers have been working tirelessly to deliver a faithful remake of the classic Counter Strike experience while also updating the game's systems and modes for modern audiences.

Global Offensive's planned price point is currently set at $15, not too shabby considering how much content it will contain. I have no doubt Valve has a few post-release surprises up their sleeves for Global Offensive players as well. If you're a big time FPS/Counter Strike fan looking for something new to wet your appetite, be sure to check out Counter Strike: Global Offensive.