Top 5 Rare Accessories in WoW Classic Phase 1

Top 5 Rare Accessories in WoW Classic Phase 1


Accessories are very rare in WoW Classic. If you manage to get your hands on one of these, do not throw it away or sell it. In this article, we will tell you about the accessories that you can get while levelling up in the first phase of WoW Classic. When determining the order of items on the list, we took into account the minimum level requirements and the amount of time that on average needs to be spent on obtaining an item.

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5. Cold Basilisk Eye
Cold Basilisk Eye can be obtained around level 35 by killing several Ice-Eyed Basilisks in Stranglethorn. The effect of the accessory could be more useful - it reduces the target's attack speed by 5%, the duration of the effect is 15 seconds, the cooldown is 5 minutes. But still, this is one of the first accessories available to all classes. Cold Basilisk Eye is most useful to paladins, as it allows them to provoke enemies from a distance of up to 30m. As we have already said, the accessory is obtained from Ice-Eyed Basilisks (these are monsters of approximately level 40 that live in Stranglethorn Vale). The drop rate of the accessory is approximately 3%, the item becomes personal when received, and it cannot be bought or sold at auction.

4. Gnomish Universal Remote
To make this accessory, an engineering skill of at least 125 is required, but despite the name, the Gnomish engineering specialization is not needed, a regular profession of the required level is enough. Level 125 can be obtained at least at character level 10, so this and other engineering accessories are available to players before all others (we won’t talk about everything, we’ll focus only on the most useful ones). To craft the Gnomish Universal Remote, you need to purchase a recipe that appears in limited quantities from merchants in Ironforge and Thousand Needles. Gnomish Universal Remote allows you to take control of machinery and works similarly to Priest Mind Control (replaces the standard character's ability panel with a target's ability panel, with which you can completely control the target's actions). The remote control can be used once every 3 minutes, but since it is an engineering device, it sometimes does not work.

3. Gnomish Cloaking Device
Crafting the Gnomish Cloaking Device also does not require specialization, only a regular profession of level 200 or above. The required skill can be obtained at least at level 20. The Gnomish Cloaking Device makes the character invisible for 10 seconds. This is a very useful item that, unlike other engineering devices, always works as expected. The disadvantage of the mechanism is that it can only be used once an hour. To learn how to make this accessory, you need to buy another recipe, which appears from the merchant in limited quantities. The merchant is located in the Alterac Mountains. The recipe can be sold and bought at the auction, but the prices there are higher than at the merchant, so if you don't have too much money, it is better to go to the Alterac Mountains.

2 Thunderbrew's Boot Flask
This accessory allows the character to once every 30 minutes spitfire. The fire inflicts 50 damage to all enemies located in front of the character. Fire damage every second within 5 sec. The accessory is considered one of the best tools for dealing with AoE damage at low levels, especially for classes that lack AoE abilities. You can get and equip Thunderbrew's Boot Flask at level 44, but it, of course, has its drawbacks. Firstly, the accessory is only available to the Alliance, and secondly, the character who issues tasks for the flask is almost impossible to find unless you know exactly where to look for him. In addition, the tasks themselves force you to wander around all locations and continents. For these reasons, we have placed Thunderbore's Boot Flask at number two on the list.

1. Linken's Boomerang
Linken's Boomerang is an excellent accessory with a short cooldown (only 3 minutes). When used, it damages the target and has a chance of stunning or disarming it. This is probably your only opportunity to deprive your opponent of a weapon if you don't have the appropriate class abilities. In a word, the effect of the accessory is truly unique. However, to obtain it, you will need a fairly high level and a huge amount of time (the tasks are designed for level 56 characters and are completed in different parts of Azeroth, the chain begins in the Un'Goro Crater). Of course, all this is not easy, but the chain can be completed at the maximum level, since the accessory is really good.

These rare accessories are a real object of hunting for many players in World of Warcraft. If you are lucky enough to get one of them, you are truly lucky!