Could Netflix Break Into The World of Online Gaming?

Could Netflix Break Into The World of Online Gaming?


So, who doesn't have a Netflix account these days, right? We're guessing most of you reading this are part of the millions consistently dishing out that monthly subscription to Netflix, scoring unlimited access to the latest TV shows and movies. Netflix has evolved from its days as a DVD rental service and has now got a pretty strong hold on the market, and they're still looking at expansion.

This is why we've started to see them edge their way into the popular gaming market. An industry that's worth billions and billions of dollars is an alluring attraction for any business, but how is Netflix dipping its toes in?

Why do people like online gaming?

Games vary from simulating the life of a goat, to strategy gaming, to action gaming. Even if someone is a big fan of table games at the casino, they can sit down at a computer and play online roulette with friends without having to even change out of their pyjamas if they don't want to. Convenience is a way that gaming has changed. People like the accessibility and convenience of online games that provide them with life-like experiences at the touch of a button.

Online gaming, a phenomenon that has transcended generational and geographical boundaries, has become a cultural mainstay – as many people will agree. But what makes it so incredibly popular? At its core, online gaming taps into fundamental human needs for social interaction, competition, and immersive experiences. If you think about it, it does have a very similar core to many of the other entertainment industries – many of which Netflix is interested in. It seems like a natural progression for Netflix to enter the world of online gaming and capitalize on the market of entertainment buffs they already have.

What has Netflix done with online gaming so far?

While Netflix has been synonymous with on-demand streaming of movies and TV shows, the platform is now exploring the gaming realm to enhance its offerings and captivate a wider audience.

One of the first times we noticed Netflix making a bid for online games was through their interactive movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. It was a 'choose your own destiny' film that allowed viewers to make decisions at key points in the narrative, influencing the storyline's direction. While not traditional gaming, this interactive content blurs the lines between passive viewing and active participation, providing a taste of interactivity within the Netflix platform.

After the success of Bandersnatch, Netflix continued trialing new ways to integrate gaming into their current offering. In August 2023, the streaming giant introduced a cloud-based games streaming test that allows customers to play games on their TVs on the web – an interesting move considering the growing popularity of mobile-based games.

Streaming Games on American TVs

The prospect of Netflix venturing into online gaming gains additional traction with its exploration of streaming games directly onto US televisions. The idea of integrating gaming into the streaming platform aligns with Netflix's overarching strategy of being an all-encompassing entertainment hub.

This strategic move involves collaborating with game developers to bring a curated selection of games to the Netflix platform, making them accessible to subscribers through streaming. The emphasis is on eliminating the need for additional gaming consoles or devices, allowing users to seamlessly transition from watching their favourite series to engaging in gaming experiences without switching platforms.

While the specifics of Netflix's gaming initiative are still unfolding, the streaming giant's potential entry into the gaming market could disrupt the traditional gaming landscape. It seems like they are trying to blur the boundaries between passive viewing and active gaming to introduce gaming into the much broader entertainment world. It's an interesting thought, and something we're very excited to see evolve over the next few years, that's for sure.

The Netflix Gaming Experience

Imagine this: you've just wrapped up a binge-watching session of your favourite series on Netflix. Now, without reaching for another gadget, putting on a gaming headset, or even lifting a finger, you smoothly transition into playing a game connected to what you just enjoyed.

This move into gaming is Netflix's way of keeping things fresh and innovative, staying on top of what viewers want. They're aiming to create a one-stop shop for entertainment, giving subscribers a mix of content to match their moods and preferences.

The success of Netflix's gaming venture hinges on whether they are able to seamlessly integrate gaming into their current offering. Does every subscriber want to play a game after watching a film? Will they be able to get the rights to produce games from existing films? How will games slot into the current Netflix displays? These are all important questions that Netflix needs to iron out before it goes all in with the world of gaming.