Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - Commander Masters (2023)

Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - Commander Masters (2023)


After the mayhem of the Phyrexian series and the relative calm of the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth set, the team at Wizards of the Coast have decided to head back to the most popular format for Magic: The Gathering - Commander, with the upcoming Commander Masters set which releases on August 4th.

At this point not much is known about the set apart from the fact that it will incorporate a host of reprints. One such card to gain a reprint (actually two) is our Exclusive Card Reveal – Hanna, Ship's Navigator.

Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - Commander Masters (2023)

Card: Hanna, Ship's Navigator
Spell Type: Legendary Creature – Human Artificer (1/2)
Spell Cost: One White Land, One Blue Land, plus one other
Spell: Spend One White, One Blue, and one more land and tap card: Return target artifact or enchantment card from your graveyard to your hand.
Spell narrative: "I never thought I'd spend my life fighting. I'm a maker, not a destroyer"

Card Description
Although not a hugely powerful card with +1/+2 power/defence, the beauty of Hanna, Ship's Navigator is her ability to return artifacts or enchantments back to the players hand after they've been used and sent to the graveyard for a relatively small cost. This enables players to keep re-using these types of cards over and over again. Given the reasonably small mana cost for activating her ability, this is something that could come in useful in the late game.

For Magic: The Gathering players that want to preview Hanna, Ship's Navigator and other cards from the Commander Masters set for themselves, head on over to the preview event site to check out your closest site and further details.

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