Effect of Video Games on Child Development

 Effect of Video Games on Child Development


Exploring the impact of video games on young minds

Gaming As A Cultural Phenomenon: Effect Of Video Games On Child Development

It is safe to say that absolutely all children love games. However, due to the emergence of information technology, computers, tablets, and other modern gadgets have displaced simple entertainment outdoors. Children have been increasingly immersed in the virtual world, where they spend much of their free time. Some parents are trying to limit their children from playing games, while others, on the contrary, support this initiative. In this article, we will explore whether video games are hazardous (more information about them can be found at: https://www.britannica.com/topic/electronic-game) and what positive and negative aspects of them can be singled out.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Computer Games

Today, computer games are prevalent in almost every country. Today's children regularly spend their time with different types of entertainment because it is a kind of escape from reality. Problems with school, parents, and friends are quickly forgotten when you are distracted. That's why video games have become so popular with children. However, there are other reasons for their popularity:

Sociality. Many video games are designed in such a way that users must engage in communication with each other. To achieve the goal, they form teams that must work together to complete a particular task. This way, children communicate with their peers and even find new friends.
Complexity. Video games are pretty tricky, so they contribute to developing the child's determination, motivating them to keep playing repeatedly.
Constant development. In many games, you have to go through a hard way to achieve a result, which, among other things, consists of character development. Over time, he gets more robust, and the child feels more confident.
Rewards and motivation. We do not develop as progressively in life as we do in the game. In the virtual world, a child is rewarded for their efforts: the higher the effort, the more valuable the prize.

Based on the above, we can conclude that computer games are only beneficial for child development. However, this is not true. In addition to the positive aspects, there are also harmful, which we will discuss next.

Benefit Or Harm - What Video Games Do

 Effect of Video Games on Child Development

There is no single answer to whether video games are beneficial or detrimental. This matter depends on a lot of details. For example, the choice of game is an essential element. Some children enjoy playing video game cartoons where the main characters are the heroes of their favourite screen stories. At the same time, other children prefer shooters. Undoubtedly, they also have advantages, as they develop attention and concentration. However, there are often scenes of fighting and violence, so parental control is essential.

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Positive And Negative Aspects Of Video Games

Video games can help a child make new friends or develop social skills, but they can also negative impact. It occurs when a child begins to spend all their time on the computer and play more games. The table below details all of the negative aspects of video games.

Aggressiveness and anger
Computer games are a kind of trigger of aggression. A child may behave angrily by imitating a character in a virtual world. Anger can also break out when losing an important mission.

Game addiction
The child relates to the character of the game and gradually escapes into the virtual world, forgetting about real life. It shifts into the game: the child falls in love, makes friends, and even builds a family within the game. It is worth noting that this happens very rarely, and the main reason for this is uncontrolled time spent playing video games.

Back problems
This problem is considered quite common for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, especially in the wrong position because it affects the muscles of the neck and upper back.

Impaired vision acuity
Prolonged exposure to the monitor may result in a burning sensation in the eye area and dryness. To avoid unpleasant feelings, you need to do special exercises.

It is important to note that the positive effects of video games are much more significant. First of all, it is worth highlighting that they develop memory and attention. Some types of games develop orientation in space. Many activities stimulate memory and have a positive effect on the logical thinking of the child. They also improve reaction and fine motor skills. For example, popular shooters (learn more about these video games on this page) improve the ability to distinguish the minor details and subtle shades of grey. They influence and stimulate specific areas of the brain.

Of course, one of the main advantages of computer games is that they relieve stress. The child's psyche does not suffer from most of the entertainment on the market. Being immersed in a virtual world, the child gets rid of stress, which he could earn at school or home.

As a Conclusion

Computer games are a great way to have a pleasant time for children and adults. With parental supervision, they can only positively affect a boy or a girl. It is more about unwinding and reducing stress. The advantages of video games include the fact that they improve fine motor skills as well as develop logic, memory, and attention. If you want to avoid vision deterioration or back problems due to a long time in front of the computer, you should restrict your child's use of this entertainment. Some children are too tired to play video games, preferring more active games with friends outside.