5 Key Elements a Game Must Have to Stand Against its Competitors

5 Key Elements a Game Must Have to Stand Against its Competitors


5 Key Elements a Game Must Have to Stand Against its Competitors

Over the past few decades, gaming has become more popular than ever, and the industry has grown as a result. Modern games studios are capable of making millions of dollars from a single release, but it's not without its challenges.

These days, the gaming industry is more competitive than ever, as there’s a growing number of developers and publishers all vying for a share of the market. With so many publishers releasing big games every month, developers need to create unique and exciting games to stand out. In this article, we'll be looking at the key elements games should have if they want to stand out and be successful in a competitive market.

An Intriguing Story

Video games don't need to have a good story to be successful, and even some of the most popular games of all time, such as Tetris, don’t have a story at all. However, games that have excellent storylines with great writing stand out from the crowd. Writing in games has come a long way over the years, and many gamers prefer to play games with complex and interesting stories.

Naturally, a story shouldn't be shoehorned into a game if it doesn’t fit, but more game studios are hiring great writers to help construct detailed lore. A great example of this is Elden Ring, one of the best-selling games of recent years, which was written with the help of George R.R. Martin.

Intuitive Controls

This is perhaps one of the most important factors that game developers need to get right in order to be successful. Games should ideally be easy to play, with controls that make sense. Game design has come a long way over the years, and modern controls are much easier than those of a few decades ago. Many modern games take inspiration from online slots, which can be played with a simple press of a button.

Just because a game has simple controls, it doesn't mean the game itself is easy. Many of the most popular games in today's market have controls that are easy to learn but difficult to master, creating a challenging yet rewarding experience and allowing for different grades of difficulty.

Great Visuals

Just like a compelling storyline, a game doesn't need to have great visuals to be successful, but it's one area that helps games stand out. It's also important to clarify that great visuals don't necessarily have to mean ultra-realistic graphics. Above all else, it’s important that the game is able to run properly on most consoles and PCs.

Games that have a unique style are often incredibly popular and easily stand out from a lot of other releases. Great character design, interesting backgrounds, and unique animations are all other areas of visual design that can help make a game look impressive.


The best games aren't just fun to play. They make the player want to come back and play again and again. This can come in a lot of different forms, including special challenges within a game, alternative endings, multiplayer and more. A lot of modern games focus on replay ability, especially if they’re aiming to sell additional content within the game, such as skins or other items.

A Great Soundtrack

Music and sounds are used to create immersion and atmosphere within a game, and it's not an area that should be overlooked. Some of the best-loved games of all time are known for having incredible soundtracks that are capable of transporting the player to another world and invoking powerful memories. It's important that sound is treated in the same way as visual design, with care taken to create a unique and immersive soundtrack for the game.