Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine

Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine


March of the Machine

The March of the Machine is the final instalment of the Phyrexian wars. Elesh Norn and her Phyrexian army have finally invaded the Multiverse, breaching countless planes. Can the remains of the Gatewatch turn the tide as the Phyrexian hordes threaten to assimilate or destroy everything in their path? The fate of all planes is at stake.

We at Hooked Gamers are delighted to be able reveal an exclusive double-sided card for the new set – Invasion of Moag / Bloomwielder Dryads.

Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine

Card (side A) – Invasion of Moag
Spell type: Battle
Spell Cost: One Green land, one White land and two lands
Spell: (As a Siege enters, choose an opponent to protect it. You and others can attack it. When it’s defeated, exile it, then cast it transformed.)
When Invasion of Moag enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine

Card (side B) – Bloomwielder Dryads
Spell type: Creature
Spell Cost: Transformed (no cost)
Spell: Ward 2 (Whenever this creature become the target or a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter it unless that player pays 2)
At the beginning of your end step, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control.

Card description:
The Battle mechanic is a new one for Magic: The Gathering, with each Battle being a transforming double-faced card. Similar to a Plansewalker, each Battle enters the battlefield with defense counters. In the case of ‘Invasion of Moag’, the card has five defense counters. The player controlling ‘Invasion of Moag’ will then select an opponent to protect it, but unlike a Planeswalker, the aim will then be to destroy it. The controlling player can even attack the Battle themselves. Once it become defeated, it transforms into Bloomwielder Dryads. The Bloomwielder Dryads card is a mid-powered 3/3, but for each end step, it can add a +1/+1 counter onto a target creature. This essentially enables you to increase the strength of your army each turn adding to the importance of the card.

New set mechanics

Apart from the Battle mechanic, March of the Machine adds several new (and returning) mechanics to the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Transforming Double Faced Cards
Similar to the Battle Mechanic above, there will be several double-faced cards that will transform once the conditions are met.

A new triggered ability that allows creatures to help a friend (or themselves). When played, a player can assign a +1/+1 counter to any creature - including itself. But if the counter is placed on another creature, it gains abilities until the end of turn.

A new keyword action that allows creation of Incubator tokens. The tokens too, are transforming double faced tokens, which transform into creatures once the conditions are met.

Chaos Ensues
Rolling a special die during your Main Phase, Plansewalkers can planeswalk between Planes (in Commander Planechase) if players roll the Planeswalker symbol. However, the other side of the die has the Chaos symbol. Once this gets rolled, the Chaos Ensues and the ability or action comes into effect.

I must admit, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Battle mechanic will play out and hoping I can get my hands on an Invasion of Moag card to test out its capabilities in play. We'll have more info about the set closer to launch, but in the meantime, for more info about the upcoming set, visit https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/march-of-the-machine

Exclusive Card Reveal for Magic: The Gathering - March of the Machine

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