How Has Technology changed the iGaming Industry

How Has Technology changed the iGaming Industry


If you've been tuned into the news, or just simply paid attention to your online surroundings lately, you certainly noticed how popular online casino websites are these days. This is actually a global phenomenon, and even though we can see some parts of the globe a bit more advanced in comparison to others, there will always be a certain level of similarity in advance in the industry.

However, one thing in particular has been drawing attention within the online gambling industry, and this thing is the technology and the fast developments it’s been bringing into the iGaming scenario. Our main topic of the day will be technology, and a lot of people link this word to Japan, as it's in fact one of the world's leading countries when it comes to overall technology development and implementation into its own society.

In fact, the casino online Japan industry is really advanced in this matter. In order to discuss it a little further, we teamed up with Narimi Murayama, an online gambling expert from Japan that crafted a great piece of content for us.

We actually asked her about some of her personal thoughts on the theme, and she answered us in Japanese, saying the following: “ 日本は長い間テクノロジー シーンをリード してきました。少し一般的ではありますが、インター ネットカジノ 業界も最近この分野で勢いを増しています。 テクノロジーの発展は、より多くの投資を引き付けるだけでなく、より多くのギャンブラーを業界に引き付けることは間違いなく、それは将来にとって非常に良いことです。”
You can check out more on her profile clicking in here, by the way. So, without further ado, let’s have at the most common technologies and how they’ve shaped the online casino industry, shall we?

Innovation in virtual reality

We absolutely cannot start this text off without mentioning virtual reality and how it’s been completely changing the gambling industry overtime. Although many gamblers can’t really spot this item, as it still needs some improvements, the relation between VR and online casino in Japan is already a reality in lots of places.

In fact, a few igaming providers have been already coding games that work both with and without actual VR devices. While social networks are still studying how to implement VR on their platforms, the casino industry has already taken over this market, which is very good.

In addition, fans of online casinos also know that there are live casino rooms that simulate the real casino experience while preserving the players' anonymity. Also produced and broadcast by trusted and audited providers, these games are also already compatible with virtual reality.

Artificial intelligence to predict outcomes and set RTP

We can also say that another technology that has evolved more and more in recent years and that has already completely transformed the functionality of online casinos is the infamous AI.

This one seems to be way more noticeable in comparison to our aforementioned point, as this technology has been increasingly applied to online casino sites, so that modern casinos have this technology at their disposal to predict outcomes and set their RTP right.

Instant payments

Normally, land-based casinos are usually remembered for their chips and coins that fall out of slot machines. However, things work slightly differently in the online world, as the player will actually notice a change in his balance. We always cheer and hope that our account balances go up, but the sad reality is that there are still a lot of players who see their balances going down more often.

However, in any case you can still get the most out of the latest technology of instant payments, which are essentially the art of getting your payouts incredibly quickly deposited into your bank account. In this regard, the igaming technology industry has really adapted their technology to be receptive and inclusive with players from Japan.

Some of the most common and popular payment methods for online gamblers based in Japan right now are the following ones:
● EcoPayz
● iWallet
● Venus Points

Cryptocoins are also wide-spreadly accepted, and all of these methods have the instant payment feature so that you can safely enjoy them with ease.

More innovations ahead

How Has Technology changed the iGaming Industry

We can close our text by stating that although the aforementioned technologies are the knees pulling the strings in the industry these days, there is more to come for the industry with new discoveries and implementations coming into effect every single day.

Certainly, out of those we mentioned along the text, VR is the biggest promise of expansion, as only a few providers have begun to explore this possibility, and many players still prefer to play casually on their mobile phones. This characteristic is likely to change as VR devices start to be more integrated into the top online casino Japan.

In either way, shape, or form, we can say that the future is bright for the iGaming industry, and tech implementations will only attract more players in overtime, and expectations for an even bigger spike in numbers are through the roof for 2023 and beyond!